Friday Bullets

  • I’m so happy it is the weekend – next week is fall break so I’m on vacation! We’re heading to Chicago on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to catching up with the husband and doing some sight seeing.
  • We’ve started honey processing. We don’t have a ton thus year but it still tastes delicious!


  • I’ve been given the go-ahead to start running again! I’ve been for one run so far and will be working my way back up to running more often. Fingers crossed that I stay pain free and life can go back to normal.
  • My desk has looked like this all week and my classroom has been even worse and it really pushed my comfort limits. I took 10 minutes at the end of the day to clean up my desk so at least I’ll have a little oasis of organized when I return.


  • I unpacked the sewing machine I inherited from Jon’s mother and it is fantastic! I knew it was old but I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful vintage machine. It is a 1963 Elna Supermatic and I’m looking forward to learning to use it. I need to find some more Elna cams to change the stitches but other than that it seems in good working order. Fall is a good time for sewing and I’ve got lots of project ideas.



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