It’s Time for a Reset

Life has been fun – lots of time out with friends, travel and other adventures – but my body is feeling the effects of too many take out meals, not enough exercise and way too little sleep. With my injury and other things in my life, I just haven’t been making time to exercise and I’ve been letting too many “quick meals” slip into our weekly schedule and staying up later and later.

This type of life style was great when I was in my early 20’s but 30+ Jenn can’t handle it – so, it’s time for a reset. I’m not giving up the time with friends, or the travel or the other adventures, but I am going to tweak things a little.

I need to get back to my usual – more exercise, better meal planning and a set bedtime. And it doesn’t take major changes, just a few things I haven’t been doing: I need to write my planned workouts for the month in my day planner; I need to stick to my grocery list (no more chips!); and I need to put the book down at 10 pm.

I’m going to start with those three things and see how it goes. For me it’s all about routine so I need to get back into a healthy one (and ASAP)!


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