An Easy Weekend

We had a very low key weekend here and it was exactly what we needed. It has been too long since we’ve allowed ourselves the luxury of not really doing a ton of stuff on a weekend and just relaxing for a few days felt great.

On Friday I got off work early (2 pm) so Jon met me at home and we took Patches for a walk. Then I squeezed in a quick run (4 miles) while Jon worked on his halloween costume. I carved our Halloween pumpkins and then we got dressed up to hand out candy. Around 8 pm we headed over to a friends for a little adult Halloween partying and got home around midnight.

2014 Halloween Pumpkins

Jon is a gum ball machine and I'm a mermaid
Jon is a gum ball machine and I’m a mermaid

On Saturday we were dog sitting so we had a coffee, took the dogs out and then had pancakes. I haven’t had homemade pancakes in forever and it was nice to just have a lazy breakfast.

With real maple syrup - yum!
With real maple syrup – yum!

I rarely nap but after all those pancakes I was exhausted and took a two hour nap. It was snowing when I woke up so I headed down the basement and cleaned up sewing room.


I can actually use my sewing table again
I can actually use my sewing table again
And my fabric and supplies aren't everywhere
And my fabric and supplies aren’t everywhere

I found a users manual for my Elna so I spent some time getting her ready and learning how to thread the bobbin. I’m going to get her serviced but she seems to be in good working order.


Saturday night we went to listen to a friend perform – he was great but the following band wasn’t our favourite type of music so we were home around 11 pm. With daylight savings we got an extra hour of sleep and it felt luxurious to wake up at 7:30 am (8:30 am) on Sunday.

We went for our usual swim, took the dog for a walk and then ran some errands including depositing all our loose change and returning our bottles. It was still snowy so we gave up on doing anything else and spent the afternoon puttering in the house. I completely ignored all my chores and marking and it felt like I finally got a real break.

My sister is in town so we finished our weekend with a family dinner and some shuffleboard. I really need to spend more time in the games room because even with home board advantage we lost 21 to 4.

We’re back to work tomorrow and for the first time in forever I’m facing a Monday feeling somewhat refreshed. Our week is semi-busy (family dinner, a few appointments, and some must do chores) but nothing crazy and I feel like I’ve finally got things under control!


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