Looking at a Busy Two Weeks

The next few weeks are going to be busy (and then probably those after too). I’ve got to fit in 40 hours of first aid training on top of my regular job, it’s report card time and there are some social events I’m excited to attend. Looking at my calendar, there isn’t a lot of free time. Still, I am responsible for my schedule so any busyness is partially my doing!

The advantage to planned busyness is that you can prepare for it (somewhat). I know that my weekends and evenings are almost all filled up until the end of the month, so carefully scheduling my meals and workouts is key if I want to be at all able to eat healthy and workout, as well as attend to my other commitments.

I sat down with my trusty paper day planner and wrote down all my workouts the other week, scheduling them around nights I knew I was going to be in class from 6 pm to 10 pm, and days when I had a fully day of training. I know that my working out will be a little lighter than normal but with my workouts written down I stand a much between chance of actually doing them.


On Saturday I pulled out my recipe books and planned out two weeks of meals. I don’t usually plan that far in advance (too many things come up) but I wanted to be able to get the grocery shopping for the next while done all at once. In September and October I made an effort to fill my freezer with some easy meal ideas so I only need to cook dinner 3 times in the next two weeks. Last night we went to the grocery store and I stocked up on almost everything we’re going to need until the end of the month.

Today was a day off and with the terrible weather it was the perfect day to spend some time getting those remaining meals prepped. First I baked some egg and spinach muffins for breakfast – they will be easy to grab and heat up for a quick breakfast on the go.



Then I made two batches of energy bars – these chewy ginger bars and some walnut energy balls. Those went into the fridge for quick snacks. And finally I made some fruit leather – I mixed about 2 tbsp of maple syrup and a heaping tsp of cinnamon with 2 cups apple sauce and spread the mixture onto dehydrator trays. Three jars of apple sauce made 4 sheets which are now safely tucked into the fridge for healthy snacking.


After all that I gave the house a clean because I always feel more in control and calmer when my house is tidy.

I know it’s going to be busy but at least now I have food in my fridge, clean sheets on the bed and a plan!


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