2014 Plans – Final Update

So, 2014 did not go exactly to the plan – not to say it wasn’t an awesome year – but I certainly got   stalled out on lots of things I wanted to do. I felt that more than any other year I said “I’m just so busy”. I seriously need to think about how I’m going to stream-line my life in 2015 so that I’m focusing my time on what I want to be doing, not what I feel like i should be doing. But back to 2014, and those goals I set back in January.

This was by far where I fell the shortest from my mark. I felt so strong up until the end of June, then I injured my foot, and I’ve never really managed to pull it back together. It was a sad second half of the year for sure.

  • Conquering the “up” – I did hike, and in January I tried some hill intervals but yeah, this never really came together.
  • Finally finishing NROL – I’m not done but I’m working on it. I’m done Stage 4 so I plan to finish it off and then start again.
  • Running more with other people – nope, not really at all.
  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – I did a sprint triathlon but never made it to my olympic distance.

2014 was a great year for travel – and I love when that happens!

  • Monthly weekends away – this was the perfect goal for the year (and one I plan to continue) – I feel like I travelled so much in the first 2/3 of the year. We didn’t make it away in August, September and November but the mini-vacations every other month were awesome.
  • Summer road trips – We made it to Oregon (and the Okanagan) on our 10 day road trip. I love a good summer road trip and this one was perfect!
  • Visits to some new US states – Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Illinois. Win!

In 2014 we did spend more time outside (not quite enough but we’re getting there). I always long for grand outdoor adventures but am still working on making the time for them.

  • Hike (day hikes and overnight trips) – we did both day hiking and an overnight trip.
  • Car camp – only when we were in Oregon but it was pretty nice. I am looking forward to some more camping in 2015
  • Canoe – no.

Around the House
So, we didn’t make a list but we did do some home repairs. We just finished off installing our new microwave and we’ve done lots of other things to the house (new furnace, electrical, plumbing, the dishwasher, phew…)


  • Read – Yes, more than last year. I finished 42 books – I loved the Queen’s Thief series and was disturbed by reading the Last Survivors series. I couldn’t put down Where’d You Go, Bernadette and struggled through the Into the Silence.
  • Take better pictures – Not really.
  • Play the piano – a little
  • Update the blog – YES! I switched to self-hosting so I am working on making it my very own space. I figure after 7 years its about time.

The best part of any year are all the unplanned adventures and other things that happen so overall I think 2014 was pretty good. I’m looking forward to planning the new year and all the adventures 2015 is going to bring!


My Favourite Adventures in 2014

Last year I re-capped my year by month, but this year I feel like some months had so many adventures and some months all I did was hang out at home and do work. This year I’m going to recap by my favourite adventures instead so I can skip past the boring bits and focus on the fun.

Getting Possession of Our New House (January)


In January we moved into our new house and it has been the best. I love the space and the location. It’s so much closer to work, downtown and our friends. I love having a bigger bedroom that fits a king-sized bed. I love having a workout space where I can lift weights and ride my bike. I love that my kitchen has room for a big fridge and a kitchen table. And I love that it is still not that big. I am looking forward to spending many, many more happy years in our house.

Spending a Week in the Mayan Riviera with Some of My Best Friends (March)

Wearing our "party suits" with pride
Wearing our “party suits” with pride

We banished the winter blues with a week in sunny Mexico. We wore silly swimsuits, drank adult beverages and relaxed. It was awesome! I know that spending a week in Mexico isn’t in the cards every year but I’d certainly love another week in the sun again soon.

Our Mini-Vacation in Fernie (May)

jenn and jon fernie1

It was only a weekend long but we packed in a lot of fun into those few days. We played disc golf, hung out with some great people, did a little hiking and just generally had fun. I love weekends away with the husband and friends.

My Second Triathlon – Woody’s RV Triathlon (June)

woody's tri_8I felt like I totally rocked this race. I had a great swim, good transitions and a fast run. I really hoped to fit in a few more triathlons in 2014 but I got side-lined with an injury and am still working to recover. In 2015 I want to feel as fit as I did at the end of this race again.

Our Day 10 Trip to the Oregon Coast (July)

rockaway_beach_sunsetOregon was awesome! We hiked, camped and hung out on the beautiful beaches. I love a good road trip so its a good thing I married a man who likes to drive. We had perfect weather (which really helped) and I loved it all.

Backpacking to Turbine Canyon (and Catching Up with Good Friends)

On the way out
On the way out

Turbine Canyon (and the hike in) are actually pretty spectacular, even in less than perfect weather. Unfortunately, I think it was this hike that triggered my foot injury but I don’t regret it. I know that Jon and I should probably spend more time outside so we’ve got to take the opportunities that we get. I’m hopeful that we’ll both be in shape to be backpacking again in 2015.

The Calgary Spartan Race (August)

imageSuch a ridiculous event! This was my first obstacle race and was actually pretty fun. I don’t think I’d ever do one by myself but as part of a team it was a blast. I’ve already signed up for 2015 and am looking forward to another fun race with my team. This year I’m going to fit in a little more strength and movement training in preparation for this event.

Day Hiking 

Hiking up to Karst Springs
Hiking up to Karst Springs

We got in several nice day hikes through-out the summer. We hiked in Oregon (Cape Lookout State Park, Ecola State Park); and we hiked here at home in Kananaskis. I love going out to the mountains and there are just so many hikes to explore around here. I am happy every time we go out.

Our Fall Trip to Chicago (October)

At the Bean
At the Bean

It rained in Chicago – the whole time – but this trip was still a highlight of 2014. Before this year we hadn’t spent much tim in the US but I’m really starting to enjoy exploring our neighbour to the south.


I hope that 2015 is just as adventure filled as 2014!


Thanks for coming over!

I’ve been blogging with WordPress.com now for over 7 years and finally figured it was time to move out on my own (well, sort of – I just moved on over to wordpress.org). The process was incredibly easy and I’m happy to say that the basic things are up and running as normal here my at new address.

As I get better at this whole thing I’ll be making changes so if something doesn’t work, please leave me a comment to let me know.

– Jenny


Sick Day

I had planned a post on Monday about how I was getting my sh*t together – I exercised (ran, rode by bike and lifted weights); I planned a week of healthy meals; and cleaned by bathroom for the first time in forever. However, I’m happy I didn’t post it because it is clear I’m not pulling anything together. I woke up around 1 am on Monday morning with chills and that awful feeling that can only be describe as “sick”. I made it through work on Tuesday but it was pretty clear by 5 pm that I wasn’t going to make it to work on Wednesday. The hot and cold flashes and uncontrollable shivering were a little uncomfortable.

So, instead I spent the better part of the morning in bed – I woke up around 8:30, fed the dog, and then went back to bed until noon. Oreo proved that when it comes to spending the day at home sick, he is the best companion. Oreo’s perfect day is spent on the bed sleeping and he is happy to have company.

In the afternoon I moved to the basement where I binged watched Netflix. I haven’t been sick in forever so I’ve forgotten how bored I get. I also forgot how big of a baby I am when I’m sick. Thank goodness I have no one but the pets to look after. Jon is so rarely away these days, but of course this is the week he is in the field. I was actually sort of looking forward it (before I got sick) but now I wish he was home to coddle me. Since he’s not, I’m coddling myself.

I have been on a soup diet since Tuesday morning (except that orange I ate for lunch, everything else right now just sounds so unappetizing) so tonight I treated myself to some beef ball soup. I keep the broth and meat balls frozen in individual servings and then all I have to do is heat it up and add some fresh veggies. It’s still soup, but a little more hearty than what I’ve been eating.

After a completely lazy day I am feeling better. I know that one day of rest isn’t going to cure me, but hopefully it will get me to the end of the week and winter break when I can recuperate.