This Week(ish) in Workouts – November 9 to 19, 2015

So, I missed posting about my workouts on Monday because I was so exhausted on Sunday night from drywalling all weekend. So I figured I’d hold off and post about last week and this week – partially because my workouts weren’t that exciting but mostly so I could join Canadian Girl Runs Friday linkup. I did a terrible job of taking photos these past two weeks so this is a text heavy post!

Monday – 4.5 miles doing 800 m and 1600 m repeats

Pretty uneventful run. I ran laps on my “track” and listened to really old podcasts.

Tuesday – Weights

I squeezed in a quick weight workout – I haven’t been making time for weights so it felt good to be lifting.

Wednesday – 9 mile easy bike, long dog walk

Wednesday was a holiday so I’d scheduled it as my outside or long ride day on my training schedule. I had thought about doing my ride on the trainer, but the weather was still nice enough to ride outside and I had a downtown lunch date so instead I did an easy 9 mile commute to and from lunch. Then it was still beautiful so Patches and I went to Nose Hill for a long walk.

Thursday – 30 minute swim (1000 m)

I got my flu shot at work and my arm was so sore. Apparently I just don’t know how to relax when I get needles. We hit the pool for a quick workout which I hoped would help with the stiffness but no luck. It still felt good to be in the pool.

Friday – Rest

This was an unplanned rest day but one I needed. I wanted to run my errands on Friday because we had a busy weekend of home renos planned so I went to the grocery store and then cleaned the house.

Saturday – Drywalling

We got a 9:30 am start on drywalling the garage ceiling and worked until 9 pm. Exhausting.


Sunday – Drywalling

We started again at 9:30 but this time I took a couple of hours off from the garage to visit with an old friend. We took her toddler for a walk to the park and it was nice to be outside on a beautiful day.

Monday – 4.5 mile run

I was a little nervous on this run – it was dark and a little slippery – so I thought about rescheduling but other than almost bailing on someone’s car power cord it was fine. I ran on my track in the opposite direction than I normally do for a change. Then it was into the garage for more drywalling!

Tuesday – weights and 30 minute spin

After our dog walk and dinner I disappeared down the basement for some me time. I lifted weights and then rode on my trainer for 30 minutes. I did a super sweaty workout of 3 minutes hard, two minutes easy (repeat 5 times) plus a 5 minute warm up. Then I helped Jon in the garage. I was pretty happy that I’d run on Monday when I looked outside after my workout and saw this:


Wednesday and Thursday – Rest

I made excuses to skip my workout on Wednesday (more drywalling!) and Thursday was a late night at work.

And that finally brings us to today – Friday. I have a non-instructional day at school which hopefully means I will get home less drained than I normally do on a Friday. I’d like to fit in a run if I can get home in daylight. My plans for the weekend are to get outside for a longer adventure as well as keep working on that garage! I don’t think I can put in another solid weekend of drywalling, especially with all the snow we’ve been getting and some warmer temperatures forecast. I want to get outside and enjoy the start to winter!

Looking forward to adventures out in the snow – if I’m going to brave cold icy mornings I want to get some nice winter adventures!

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