This Week in Workouts – November 20 to 26, 2015

Winter is definitely here and it is making it a bit more of a struggle to get out after work and exercise. I love a sunny winter day, and evening dog walks but it has certainly been harder lately to convince myself to head out for a run in the dark. I’m hopeful that I’ll adjust to conditions soon and it will be easier to get myself out the door. I’ve been working on fitting in a little more outdoor time during the day (tough when you’re on a schedule) by picking up an outdoor lunch time supervision shift and scheduling some more outdoor time with my Outdoor Ed students. Today we spent our hour of class exploring a nearby green space and I think everyone benefited from being out in the sunshine.

Time outside on a work day = awesome

Friday – weights

I’d hoped to fit in a run, but instead I walked Patches and did a quick 20 minute weight lifting session before we headed out for some birthday drinks. We didn’t end up staying out late which is a good think because I had early(ish) plans for Saturday.

Saturday – cross-country skiing at West Bragg Creek

I was so excited to go out on a winter adventure that I didn’t mind not getting my Saturday sleep in/coffee on the couch. It was such a beautiful day to be out and the perfect break from drywalling.

Sunday – Swim (1 hr)

I was pretty sore from our cross-country ski the day before so the pool was the perfect place to be.

Monday – 4.5 mile interval run

My training plan called for 4 x 1000 m repeats so after our dog walk I layered up and headed out for laps around the neighbourhood.

Tuesday – 35 minute swim

I got home from work later than normal so Patches and I did our dog walk in the dark, alone. I was surprised that the dog park was so empty (we were the only ones out) but I guess with the chilly temperatures people must have been sticking closer to home.

Patches didn’t seem to mind that he had the whole park to himself

After our walk I had the fun task of shovelling our sidewalks. Then it was time to head to the pool for a quick swim and some time in the sauna.

Wednesday – rest and recovery

I had a run scheduled but my calves felt tight and I decided that time spent with the stick and my foam roller was much more beneficial than a few more miles.

Thursday – weights + 30 minute trainer ride

Definitely a night where I didn’t want to work out but felt much better after I did. My trainer workout was pretty simple: 5 minute warm up, 3 x 30 sec alternating single leg drills, then 3 x 4 minutes fast/1 minute easy, 5 minute coul down. Those 4 minute sets really get my heart rate up and I was nice and sweaty after only the 30 minutes


Coming up: We’re away in Edmonton this weekend so I will have to see what type of facilities are available at our hotel. Hopefully after that I can get my regularly scheduled workouts in next week and maybe even some more outdoor adventures.



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