My Holiday To Do List

December is a tricky month. I’m excited for the holidays but it can be exhausting with Christmas parties and all the holiday going ons. While I like what I do, the last few weeks before a break can be trying – we’re all starting to get restless. The good news is that there are only 10 teaching days left until vacation – and I am definitely looking forward to vacation. I’m still working my way through the things I said I’d like to get done before Christmas but there are lots of other holiday related items I’d like to add to the next few weeks.

One of the few decorations I do put out in the house. I’m not very good at keeping the countdown up to date though!


1. Finish decorating for the holidays

I’m not a huge holiday decorator but I have a very strong hankering to have my Christmas lights up. Might be more difficult than anticipated since I have discovered we left our Christmas lights attached to our last house but I have inherited some light up trees that might just work.

2. Get our Christmas tree

Every year we go out and cut a tree – definitely a must this year. It is going to require a little more work this year since we need to reassemble the roof racks on the Rover to transport the tree but with the warm weather this won’t be an awful chore.

3. Take a family walk to see the lights at Confederation Park

We went once last year which is silly because it is SO close. It is also open until midnight which gives us lots of hours after the crowds have disappeared.

The lights last year. It was very, very cold so we had the park to ourselves but I think I’d enjoy it a little more if it was warmer

4. Go ice skating on the local rink

I’ve seen lots of families out skating on our local rink, and again it is so close (1 block away) that we really should be out there too. I love skating and it would be an easy, weeknight holiday activity.

5. Do some Christmas baking

I signed up for our cookie exchange at work so I plan to make pistachio and cranberry biscotti. I will probably bake a few of our favourites for eating at home, and then hopefully the cookie exchange gives us lots of variety!

6. Finish Christmas shopping

I do not love Christmas shopping, but I love giving the perfect gift. We are keeping it fairly simply here this year (no one needs that much) so I don’t actually have that much to finish off. Mostly stuff for the husband and stocking stuffers which is way ahead of where I normally am at this time of year.

Anyone else have any holiday must do items?


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