A Day in the Life While Jon is Away – Tuesday

I thought it might be fun to document what my days are like when Jon is away for work. I definitely have a different routine when it is just me and the pets at home for extended periods of time. Check out Monday for the first post.


Despite the fact that we have a king sized bed, Jon and I usually fall asleep spooned together. The first night he isn’t there, I always find it hard to fall asleep so I wasn’t surprised that I tossed and turned all night and woke up several times stressing about all the things I needed to get done. Even with the poor sleep, when the alarm goes off at 5:15 am I’m not able to snooze and instead deal with a few emails from bed.

Patches is ready to go for his walk at 5:45 am and we head out for the usual route. From there my routine doesn’t vary much from the day before – the only difference being that I top my oatmeal with diced apple, walnuts and honey instead of banana, blueberries and sunflower seeds.

Since I drove yesterday I get the luxury of being driven today and chat my way to work.


We’re there at 7:40 am as usual and I eat my oatmeal and write the plan for the day on the board. We’re doing the same thing as yesterday which makes it easier. I have outside supervision at lunch which means I get almost 30 minutes of time outside during daylight hours! The most exciting part of my day is when I get a new stapler – I love office supplies and this one is so nice and shiny. I park it on my desk where I can supervise usage.

After school I do about 30 minutes of work before we head home. Tuesdays are usually a little earlier of a departure since I always have after work meetings on Wednesday and Thursday.

Early Evening

I’m home just after 4 pm but struggle to motivate myself to do anything. I have a snack of crackers and cheese and decide that this spicy cheddar is the best cheese I’ve ever had.


After 15 minutes I manage to drag myself away from the cheese and I get dressed in dog walking clothes. Patches and I go outside to take advantage of the daylight to put up the new Christmas lights. The new clip-on lights are pretty awesome and it only takes about 20 minutes to hang the two strands on the stairs.


Then Patches and I head out for our walk while I chat on the phone with my Dad. Patches loves just wandering so a slower walking pace works for him.

After our walk I go out for a run. I keep it pretty easy and turn around for a total of 3 miles. I’m currently listening to Bossy Pants so that keeps me company.

Late Evening

After my run I feed the pets and then head over to my Dad’s to pick up some piano music. I’d really like to play the piano more and having some practice books in the house will help.

Once I get home I start a batch of biscotti for my upcoming baking exchange. I miss measure the butter which isn’t a good start to the baking. While the biscotti is in the over for round one, I eat dinner (soup and tuna melt) and do a little house tidying.

While the biscotti cools I talk to Jon and then slice the biscotti for the second baking. I leave the first batch in too, and then the second batch as well so I’m feeling frustrated by the time it’s done.


I’m sniffly and sneezy and decide that it is best to just call it a night and try again tomorrow.


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