A Week in the Life While Jon is Away – Wednesday

I thought it might be fun to document what my days are like when Jon is away for work. I definitely have a different routine when it is just me and the pets at home for extended periods of time. Check out Monday for the first post and Tuesday for what I did yesterday. No photos today – my phone and computer just won’t talk to each other…


I wake up completely confused when my alarm goes off. I’m exhausted so I hit snooze a few times before I finally get up and take Patches out. I think he must be tired too so our walk isn’t as fast as normal. They had been calling for snow but it was just foggy.

After our walk I pack up the biscotti from last night and then did my usual morning routine of starting oatmeal, packing my lunch, showering and getting ready for the day. It is my turn to drive so I was happy to see that it still wasn’t snowing.


We arrive a little later than normal. I eat my oatmeal and do a little classroom organization. It is a math day today and we’re reviewing operations with fractions. I look out the window and see that it is snowing at some point – I’m excited because hopefully it means that there will be lots of fresh snow in the mountains. I take my lunch break today – a random jar of frozen soup I found in the freezer last night – and enjoy a little visiting with my co-workers before the afternoon starts. I meet with my teaching team after work and we do some planning.

Early Evening

I’m home around 4:30 pm and I need just a few minutes of down time. I settle down with a little more of that cheese for 10 minutes before getting started on my after work routine. I collect the garbage and recycle and scoop the litter boxes so we can take it out as we head for our walk. I throw in a load of laundry as well.

The dog park is fairly quiet and there is a chilly wind blowing. I listen to more of Bossy Pants while I walk.

Once we get home I get started on baking more biscotti. It certainly isn’t a difficult recipe but takes time to bake, cool, slice and bake again. I make three batches. Jon calls and we chat for a bit.

Late Evening

While I’m baking I do some house cleaning. Our house is filthy and I’ve reached my limit. Plus, my front closet has been driving me nuts lately. I clean out the huge pile of shoes and then vacuum out the mats.

In between the batches of biscotti I manage to get most of the house vacuumed and moped. I finally finish up around 9:15 pm and am so excited to go to bed. Then I realize that I stripped the sheets off the bed and still have to make it before I can go to bed. I also still haven’t had dinner so I quickly throw some pasta on the stove and let it cook while I make the bed and do a few last dishes. Finally I crawl into bed at 10 pm and read for a few minutes before calling it a night.


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