A Week in the Life While Jon is Away – Thursday

I thought it might be fun to document what my days are like when Jon is away for work. I definitely have a different routine when it is just me and the pets at home for extended periods of time. 


I wake up absolutely exhausted. I think my bed companions’ sleeping habits are affecting mine. We are certainly not taking advantage of the king sized bed.


After a very short pity party about how tired I was, I get up and take Patches out for our 20 minute walk. As much as I want to stay in bed, I always feel refreshed after my walk.

When we get home I grab a cup of coffee and start my breakfast. Then it is time for a shower and the rest of the stuff I need to do to get out the door. I put on my comfiest dress and a giant knit scarf because it just feels like a day to be snuggly.

Its not my turn to drive so I drink my coffee and relax on our way to work.


I write the plan for the day on the board – we’re doing pretty much the same as yesterday – and eat my oatmeal. Then it’s showtime!

I have lunchtime supervision and then the afternoon goes by quickly. We head home around 3:45 pm after I’m done meeting with my teaching team.

Early Evening

I’m starving because my lunch was some very boring soup. I have some of last night’s dinner and catch up with Patches. Then I clean out Roomba (the robot vacuum) and send him out to work while we are out of the house. We head out on our walk around 4:30 pm and I finish listening to Bossy Pants. Patches is very playful today so he chases a stick on return part of the walk. It begins to snow as we walk home.


I decide that it is time I cooked a real meal so I thaw out a rib steak, slice it up and put it in my favourite marinate (soy sauce, onion power, garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce). Then I head downstairs for a quick weightlifting session.

After my workout I stir-fry the steak with some peppers and serve it over rice for a quick and easy dinner. I’m meeting Leigh to exchange our Blogger Christmas Ornament Swap gifts at 7 pm so I don’t have a ton of time.

Late Evening

It is snowing harder and I have to brush off the Rover before I can drive. I head to Starbucks and then cannot figure out what to order. Leigh and I visit for about 45 minutes and then I head over to Walmart to grab some engine oil for the car. I get distracted in the store and forget my oil at the till. I’m most of the way home before I realize it and have to turn around and drive back.

I get home around 8:45 pm, top up the oil in the car and shovel the sidewalk. Patches joins me and spends time rolling around in the snow while I do my chores. Then we head inside and I do the dishes and the last little prep for my cookie exchange for tomorrow.

We get into bed around 9:30 and I’m so happy to be done for the day. I give Jon a call but we’re both tired and we don’t chat long. I’m really looking forward to my weekend and while I don’t like to wish time away, I can’t wait to sleep in on Saturday.



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