Family Christmas Light Walk

I posted a list of Christmasy stuff I wanted to do that included a family walk to see the Christmas lights in Confederation Park. We’ve been too busy to go, but last night on our way home from walking some errands in the neighbourhood we decided to detour to see them.



We got there just as the lights turned on for the night and had the place almost to ourselves. It was chilly and we had a fresh blanket of snow so it felt extra holiday like. They have added some new lights this year and it really is quite spectacular for a free event.


We headed down the hill and across the creek to the see the main light display. Patches don’t like grating so he took his sweet time crossing the bridge and I was worried we’d have to carry him across to the see the rest of the light display.


We looked at the trees:


And walked all the way down to the end to see the train:


Then we headed back because everyone, Patches’ included, feet were starting to get cold.


It was a brisk walk home since we were a little chilled but I was happy to have taken the time to visit the display. While we were there we noticed that the golf course had been trackset for skiing after the big snowfall we got so we’re hoping to go for a evening ski soon and see the lights again. If not, definitely another family walk!



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