That Post Christmas Lull

I love Christmas, but I love the time after Christmas even more. The time before Christmas is great – but it is always busy. This year we had lots of social events, plus the usual Christmas prep. We managed to fit in a few fun adventures like skating at Lake Louise:

Braving the freezing temperatures for a quick skate on Lake Louise

and cross-country skiing on Christmas Eve day

and then there is the all day gift opening and feasting that happens on Christmas Day.

The pets recovering post-Christmas festivities

but I’m glad that part of the Christmas holiday is behind us. I love how relaxed things become on Boxing Day. This year the weather was cold so it was a perfect chance to just laze around the house. I did go out briefly in the morning (I wanted to snag a soft-shell on sale) but we spent the rest of day relaxing. I read a novel (I started, and finished Golden Son which is the second book in the Red Rising Trilogy) and did some colouring.

Our enormous cooking binge over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day means that we have enough leftovers to live on for a while so no cooking! I made tourtiere for Christmas Eve, and then turkey with all the fixings and a giant cheese cake for Christmas dinner so food wasn’t in short supply. We feasted for two days on left-overs and still have some in the freezer for when we return.

The Christmas Tourtiere –

After a few days of relaxing at home we’ve now headed to the cabin for part 2 of our Christmas break where I plan to read, blog, take long winter dog walks and generally relax before we get started on 2016!


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