2015 To Do List – Summary

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I would say that I had mixed results when it came to my 2015 overall goal of doing more of what I love. I think we did do more of the things I love, but along with that I think we also just did more things – which left me feeling burnt out on so many occasions. Slowing down is definitely something that I’m going to continue to work on in 2016!

I also had a lot of other things on my to-do list, and I think I did a pretty good job of doing them.


  • Get my foot injury completely healed – I had my orthotics modified near the beginning of the year and this made a huge difference. While my foot injury doesn’t bother me much any more, I’d say what I really learned about this was how to control it. The achy foot is triggered by tight calves – as long as I roll and stretch I stay pain free.
  • Race more – I had a good start – but then injured myself playing ultimate that meant I DNS’d two races. This year I did an olympic distance triathlon and a trail race but missed out on a duathlon and the Spartan Race
  • Strength train consistently  – nope, not even close. Sigh…
  • Complete a century ride – nope, in fact we didn’t even get out on many rides this summer.


  • Monthly vacations/mini-vacations – January and February we went to the cabin, plus in February we went to WEM. In March we didn’t go any where, but in April we spent three days in Jasper. I also spent a week on the West Coast. May was pretty quiet, but in June I travelled to Berkley. July and August we were away a lot, and then things quieted down in the fall. I think with all our big travels this summer I felt burnt out by the fall and just wanted to hang around the house. Not particularly successful but I’m still happy with all our trip.
  • Go on a trip without Jon – Yes! My sister and I travelled all over Colorado for 10 days.


  • Make being outdoors something I do 356 days of the year – While I didn’t officially keep track, I’m pretty sure that I’m having a great outside year! So much hiking in Scotland and Colorado, and now that it is winter we’ve been skiing all the time.

Around the House

  • Make our living space feel lived in – Better. We re-organised the living room and put a new to us couch in there. It is an improvement but not perfect so still something we are working on.
  • Keep the house clean and tidy – Using my cleaning schedule and the new Roomba helped keep us on track until November when I just got too busy.


  • Keep a paper journal on a (mostly) daily basis – Fail
  • Carve out more time for my hobbies/other stuff by spending less time aimlessly wandering the internet – I spent less time on the internet, but had way more stuff to do so I’m not sure I actually made more time for my hobbies.
  • Celebrate our 10 year anniversary– We spent a weekend hiking in Banff with friends which was the perfect way to celebrate 10 years together.

I’m currently working on my to-do list for 2016. I have lots of things I’d like to see happen in 2016 so I doubt that it will be anything but another awesome year!


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