Oh Hey 2016 (My 2016 To Do List and 2016Q1 Goals)

We spent part of New Year’s Eve taking silly photos – a way to capture our start to 2016 and something to keep us awake.


Even though I struggled to stay up to greet the new year, I’m really looking forward to 2016. As always, I’ve got a huge list of things I’d like to do in 2016 but what I really need to work on is organizing our lives so we can do those things. My big goal for the year: less stuff, more structure.

We’re going to get rid of some things (physical objects, obligations) and we’re going to create routines to help us enjoy what we’ve got. Along with that, I’d like:

  • to spend less (which should mean we save more) – we don’t need anything else (less stuff!). I recently came across Blonde on a Budget’s idea of an approved shopping list and am in the process of creating one for myself. I’m also looking at some routines that will help us curb our expenses.
  • create a sustainable healthy lifestyle – we’re pretty active, but I’m starting another year in a fitness/nutrition hole and I’m tired of having to pull it together. We’re definitely going to want to indulge, and there will be periods that we’re less active, but it’s been an almost 6 month slide and that needs to change.
  • adjust how we spend our time so that we prioritize our “free time” – I think this is where routines and new habits are going to come in. I plan to start trying some things that will still allow me to get done what I need but won’t make me feel overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • enjoy a year in Alberta – I love to travel but it is a trade off. We saw some pretty amazing places in 2015 but we also missed out on lots of the activities we love to do right here. I’m not saying no to travel, but we’re definitely planning on spending more time here – hiking, camping, riding our bikes, etc – than we did last year.

And unlike previous years where I’ve listed everything on my to-do list at the beginning of the year, I’m going to divide this year in quarters. We’re in Q1 (January to the end of March) so I’m going to focus on a to-do list for these three months only right now (keeping in mind my big goal). So, my 2016 Q1 to do list is:

  • complete round one of “de-junking” the house – the kitchen drawers, my small appliance collection and the office are spaces that I plan to tackle.
  • get into the routine of putting stuff away after I use it – we are terrible at putting stuff away and then when I want to clean I have to spend an hour or so putting all sorts of stuff back where it belongs. This will also make it easier to find stuff – I worked hard at getting into the habit of putting my car keys in the same place every time I came home from work and now I don’t have to do a frantic search through the house, my purse, and several jacket pockets every time I want to drive.
  • write, and begin to follow, a training plan for an early season sprint triathlon
  • finish the garage – then we can put back only the things we’re using and get rid of the ones we’re not
  • spend time outside – for the first time in a long time I am loving winter and that is because we’ve been embracing winter sports. I need to keep this up!
  • update our household budget, write an approved shopping list and set some spending/saving priorities for 2016
  • Go on a winter outdoor adventure – this would be longer than a few hours outside (like a night away somewhere?). We’ve never done a winter outdoor overnight adventure, this could be our year!
  • try using Spud.ca for grocery shopping again  – we spend a lot of money on groceries so I’m hoping that by seeing my total as I shop I will do a better job of budgeting.

As always, I hope to have many, many adventures in these first few months of 2016 and the rest of year. Some of the best things are the ones you don’t plan – which is something I’m going to have to learn to accept since my selected by someone else New Year’s resolution is “to be more spontaneous”.


Looking forward to another year!


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