It’s a week or so into January…

And I’m already feeling tired. In previous years report cards were due before winter break but this year they go home at the end of January. I did not do any school work over the break so I’ve been busy working on those since work started back again last Monday. I didn’t start work until Thursday, but I unofficially started getting myself back into the working mode by spending some of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday working at home.

And I’ve been enjoying being back in my kitchen. We’ve finally eaten through a lot of the food that was in our fridge from the holidays with some creative recipe planning and I’m excited for some fresh veggies to show up on Tuesday. I used up leftover herbs from the turkey and a pint of cherry tomatoes that were too wrinkled for salad with this quick cassoulet, a bunch of pears and sweet potatoes in this soup, and part of a roast beef and some extra veggies in this stew.

So easy to make, and delicious too.

And our walls are no longer bare. Its almost two years since we moved into our new house and about time we finally hung our artwork. We hadn’t really planned to accomplish this over the weekend but Jon started working on it and some how it was done by Saturday evening.

I’d picked up these hangers last year for the guest room but I love how it works as a necklace tree.
And our wedding quilt square is finally hanging back up in the room as well

And I’ve already gotten ride of a ton of things (as per my Q1 to-do list).
 When I wasn’t doing school work, I spent some time going through our closets, the kitchen drawers and our hall closets. I’ve gotten rid of a bag of clothes, a few appliances, and a box of kitchen gadgets. Things are feel much more organized!

And I’m feeling like things are getting back to normal with my fitness routine. I’ve decided not to run for the month of January – I’m dealing with some lingering aches and pains (and seeing my chiro and physio again). But I’m trying to fit in lots of spinning, weights, pool time and outdoor adventures. Last week I got on my trainer and lifted weights 3 x, plus hit up the pool today for our usual Sunday swim. Oreo has taken to supervising me to make sure I’m not slacking off in the home gym.

How has your first week or so of the new year been?


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