January Seems to be Kicking My Butt

This first month of 2016 has been busy so far – and not in a lot of fun ways. Work has been busy and I’ve had some assessment or planning to do every night (and weekend days) since I went back to work.

Donnelly has been loving having a warm lap to nap on while I work

This past weekend was a little better, but the weekend before that I spent a lot of time glued to my desk chair. I spent long enough there on Sunday to work my way through a morning coffee and tea, an afternoon Kombucha, and an evening Salt and Pepper Martini.


I’m pretty sure all that sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair has been contributing to my incredibly achy knee and hip. I’m seeing my chiro (again) and was subjected to the most painful Graston-ing I’ve ever had on Monday. My leg now looks like I was hit with something just above the knee cap. I’m supposed to be foam rolling all the time, but that part is still too painful so I’ve just been doing my glutes and calves.

Red and burning immediately post-Graston.

It hasn’t all be school work. We made it out for a ski last weekend and even though it was pretty chilly I was happy to escape my office for a few hours. I’ve loving the skiing and can’t wait to go back out this weekend.

And Jon and I have started swimming at a new pool and I’m really enjoying the extra amenities it has to offer. It is a 25 m pool (woo-hoo!) and has a pool side hot tub. We soak before we get in for our swim, and then afterwards. Pretty much the highlight of my swim!

I successfully finished a huge chunk of my school work today so I’m excited to have more free time. I’m working on planning some more exciting adventures now that I don’t have to be tied to my desk and can’t wait to get out and do stuff again!


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