A Near Perfect Weekend

This weekend was awesome – nothing incredibly special but the first weekend in a while where we didn’t have a huge list of chores and/or work so we could actually enjoy our time off.

On Friday I didn’t have to be at work as early as normal so I slept in (until 6 am), took Patches for his walk and managed to hit in a quick weight workout. After work it was so warm that Patches and I spent an hour or so wandering on Nose Hill and catching up with our friends. Then I met my Dad for some adventure films at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. I liked Pretty Faces and sobbed during Denali but my favourite was the 45 minute cut of Unbranded. I plan on renting the whole thing soon so I can watch it with Jon.

On Saturday we were up bright an early for a morning of cross-country skiing at West Bragg Creek. With the warm weather it was a little icy but we still enjoyed ourselves. We made it home in time for lunch and then enjoyed an afternoon nap – which is so unusual for me but was probably very needed. In the evening we headed out for a skate at the Eau Claire rink and then a drink. It was pretty low key which was perfect since I was still exhausted.

On Sunday we woke up to fresh snow and decided to skip our usual morning swim for another chance at skiing. With our early start we were at the trails before they got busy and enjoyed a solitary ski in the falling snow. Patches was pretty tired so we only stayed out for a few hours but it was so nice to be outside and the new snow made everything so much easier than the day before. I’m pretty sure I skied with a big smile on my face the whole time. The parking lot was the busiest I’ve seen when we got back to the trailhead – I guess everyone else wanted to be out enjoying the snow as well.


In the afternoon I headed to my first book club meeting with my new bookclub (we read Station Eleven as our first pick). I liked the book and it was fun to discuss over some wine and snacks. We’re reading Long Change next.

I’d put a ham in the crockpot earlier and pre-assembled some scalloped potatoes so I came home to an almost ready dinner. The ham was from our half-pig last year and was SO delicious. I definitely won’t be busy any more grocery store hams. I used this slow cooker ham recipe and it was simple but yummy.

We wrapped up our evening early and managed to make an 8 pm bedtime. I love weekends where I get to play (although I will have to make some time for chores this coming week) and am happy that we got lots of winter adventures in.


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