Fighting the February Blahs..

I dislike February in Calgary. It is either freezing cold or we’re having a huge chinook and we’ve lost all our snow. This year we’re having a Chinook – it has been super warm but that means everything is one giant ice rink. I like a lot of things about Chinooks, there is no need to scrap the car in the morning and Patches and I can enjoy spring like conditions on our walks but they also take a lot of the fun out of winter when they last this long. While I certainly don’t want it to drop to minus 40 any time soon, I’m hoping for some snow and slightly cooler temperatures so I can get back to winter adventures. In the meantime, I’m trying not to wallow (too much) and take advantage of the February lull to do other things like…

Walk (a lot). I have been cranky the past few weekends but as soon as Jon suggests we go for a walk and I get outside I feel so much better. This Saturday I was really upset about the lack of close snow (I realize I could drive to get to the snow but instead was choosing to be unreasonable) so Jon bundled me up and out the door for a long walk. Last year I invested in some hiking crampons and they are a life saver right now with the icy trails (I have the Hillsound Trail Crampon which I like a lot because they have giant spikes and easily fit on my winter boots). We were able to tromp around Bowmont Park like it was ice free and I felt so much better after a few hours of urban hiking.

Advantage to casual weekend adventures is that I can drink coffee while participating


Catch up with friends. Not that we don’t do this the rest of the winter, but this mid-season lull means that there is less pressure to be up early for mountain adventures. We’ve met for drinks, visited people we haven’t seen in ages and generally caught up.

Take my bike out. I do not usually ride outside in the winter but this mild spell means it is actually quite pleasant to commute by bike. I hauled my commuter out of the basement on Friday night to ride downtown to meet friends and was actually too warm on my ride home. I’ve missed riding outside and even the short ride (only 6 miles total) was a kick to get on my trainer more because I was not very fast up the hill home!

Get things done around the house. I’m optimistic that winter will return and I will want to spend all my weekends out skiing so we’re trying to get ahead on household chores in preparation. This weekend Jon spent a solid afternoon in garage mudding, I got the house cleaned, we un-clogged the bathroom sink and we changed a headlamp bulb on the Rover. Not exciting, but at least all those items are off our to-do list.

Since there doesn’t appear to be any snow in the forecast for the next few weeks I’m going to try my best to enjoy what we’ve got with the warm weather. More dog walks on Nose Hill, maybe a hike and perhaps even another outdoor bike ride!


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