Maybe on the Mend

Promptly after returning from my adventures in Colorado last summer I twisted my right knee playing ultimate frisbee and my fitness just has never been the same. I spent a couple of weeks doing nothing, some time at physio and things got to the point where I wasn’t in daily pain. Then this December things started to hurt again – it was sore walking, running, kneeling and lifting weights. So, since the beginning of January I’ve had almost weekly visits to first my chiropractor and now the physiotherapist.

Getting needles – lots of needles and then some electric shocking. Plus lots of painful massage

Progress is slow – I’ve had a few completely pain free days but there are lots of things that still hurt. Stupid things hurt – kneeling on the bed to turn the overhead fan off, hooking my right leg onto the lowest rung of my desk chair and pushing off from the wall when swimming. But, things aren’t all doom and gloom. I’m allowed to swim (no whip kick), I’m allowed to bike, I can lift weights, and as of last Friday, I’m allowed to run again!

I only ran two miles – and they were not particularly fast miles – but they were pain free miles. Good news is there is no pain in my knee while running – just some lingering stiffness the next day.

It was fitting that my return to running was also a glorious February day

I haven’t run since (I rode my bike and hit up the pool) but I’m excited to get back out on the paths. Today was a super painful massage (which I hope will help with mobility in my leg) and then I have a few days of late nights at work but this weekend is supposed to be beautiful and should be nice weather for another easy attempt at running.


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