Friday Adventures – Early Season Bike Rides

Everyone in Calgary is likely commenting on how warm things are right now. Every conversation I have in the off-leash park is some variation of “hey, its really warm”. And it is really warm, which means we are still enjoying lots of warm weather activities.  And now that it is also staying light later, it’s time to bring back our Friday after work adventures.

This week all I wanted to do was ride my bike. Since this isn’t a dog friendly adventure I made sure to give myself time to take Patches out after work and then Jon and I hit the pathways. My road bike is still on the trainer which is okay because I prefer my commuter for pathway riding anyways.

We headed north from our house along the pathway that parallels Deerfoot. The path leads north to West Nose Creek Park and was very quiet for such a lovely day. We cycled a little past the park around the golf course and then turned around when the path headed into the neighbourhood.

Sunset along the pathway
Happy cyclists.

We continued south on the pathway past our usual exit point to make an impromptu visit at friends. We enjoyed a glass of wine and a visit and finally concluded our ride about 4 hours after leaving our house.


We ended up covering just over 19 miles, or about 30 km during our hour and 45 minute ride. I was pretty tired after so we had an early bed time but I woke up this morning without too much stiffness and only minor aches in my knee. It was also nice to have a big adventure on a Friday – that meant we could have a lazier Saturday and still feel like we’d been out adventuring.


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