My Current Training Plan

My physio has not only given me the green light to run, but actually told me I need to run more. Along with my physio exercises I’m required to run 4 times a week – which means I can finally execute a training plan for an early season triathlon!

I’m keeping things pretty simple since while I’m allowed to run more times in a week, I’m still supposed to keep distance and intensity pretty low. I’m using the 15 week sprint distance training plan swim workouts from my Swim Training for Triathletes book and then trying to do a variety of bike rides to round out my training. Things are certainly less structured than I usually plan, but I’m still working on building my fitness after a slower few months.

My plan is to get most of my training in Monday to Thursday, with flexibility to arrange things depending on what else I have going on in the evenings. This means that every day I’ve got a couple of work outs, plus my two daily dog walks to fit in so it is busy but maneagable!

Swimming – two swim sessions of approximately 30 to 45 minutes each (around 1000 m to 1500 m) on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The pool is open from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm on those evenings so there is enough time for a pre and post swim hot tub and a shower afterwards.

Running – three runs during the week. Last week I started with two miles at a time, this week I’ve increased it to 2.5 miles, then hopefully 3 miles next week if things are still feeling good. After that I’d like to make one of those runs a little further (maybe up to 6 miles) and one run a little faster.

Biking –  one hour ride, and then a shorter ride is my goal during the week. I’ve still got my road bike on the trainer so it is easy to fit in a ride in the basement after work. My other bike is good for riding outside right now so I’ve been using that for my outdoor rides.

Weights – again, twice a week I’m trying to fit in a quick weights session. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to do my routine so if I’m up early enough I can fit it in before work.

Other – I have daily physio exercises (clamshells, leg raises and leg circles) plus a set of exercises I add in every other day (single leg squats, single leg dead lifts and toe-taps). I’m trying to get in the habit of foam rolling every day too.

Friday through Sunday are for cross-training or longer bike rides. I haven’t had much success following through with structured workouts on the weekend so I’ve marked it as outdoor adventures in my planner and am just trying to be active.  Last weekend we did a long ride on Friday and this past weekend we hiked as our long activity. I also plan to fit in my fourth run on which ever day we don’t have something planned and we usually do a couple of longer dog walks on Nose Hill or something similar.

I’m still seeing my physio, with occasional chiro and the odd massage in there and I’m hopeful that by continuing my strengthening exercises things will get back to normal. So far my increased activity isn’t causing an increase in pain, and I’m actually having pair free days now. Here’s to an injury healing round of training!


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