This Week in Workouts – March 11 to 17, 2016

Now that I’m finally (knock on wood) starting to beat this injury, I’m back training again.  Its’ been good, but busy trying to fit in my workouts. I’m linking up with Canadian Girl Runs‘ Fitness Friday to share what I got up to this week.

Friday – 6 mile “commuter” ride

After our post-work dog walk, I hopped on my bike to meet Jon for a glass of wine and some cheese. It is uphill on the way home, so I always count this as a workout.

Saturday – 30 minute trainer ride + 2.25. mile run (brick)

Jon went to work and I cleaned the house – it was filthy and took me way longer than I thought so it was late afternoon by the time I got around to my workout. I rode on the trainer for 30 minutes (5 minute warm up, 3 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy (repeat 5 times)) and then headed out for a quick run. This was my first brick of the season and it felt good – I love doing a short run off the bike. We took Patches for a long walk as a cool down.

Sunday – 12 km hike at Sibbald Lake

We hiked an easy 12 km at Sibbald Lake.

Monday – 1000 m swim + 30 minute bike + weights

After our post work dog walk I rode the trainer for 30 minutes (same workout as Saturday) and then lifted weights. Later in the evening we hit the pool for a quick swim. I was super tired and my form felt terrible but it was good to be in the pool.

Tuesday – 2.5 mile run

I caught a cold and was feeling pretty run down by the end of the day. I managed to fit in my run after our walk. It snowed so it was a pretty miserable run but I’m glad I got out there. I couldn’t summon the energy for a trip to the pool so Instead we took Patches for another walk and I headed to bed early.


Wednesday – 2.5 mile run + weights

I was pretty tired when I got home from work but I forced myself out the door after our walk and did my 2.5 miles. Then I lifted some weights before crashing on the couch for the rest of the evening.

Thursday – Rest

I had a chiro appointment after work (things are going well – we did some Graston and some stretching) and then was just so exhausted that we took Patches for a walk, ate oatmeal for dinner and crashed. I’d planned it to be a rest day and I definitely needed it.

This week was definitely a little more exercise than I’ve been used to but getting closer to what I’d like. I was pretty good about doing my physio exercises and foam rolling every evening so not too many aches and pains. Next week is spring break so I’m looking forward to having a little more time to work out and hopefully getting in some longer activities.


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