Weekend Going Ons – March 19/20, 2016

This weekend was all about doing stuff around our house and ended up being pretty low key. The weather was gorgeous, which normally would mean we’d head to the mountains, but since we’re going to be away next weekend we used the hot sunny days to get some yard work done.

Friday was my last day of work before two weeks off and I was exhausted. We went for a dog walk and then ate pizza and visited friends. It was definitely not a late night but I’ve got two weeks of free time ahead of me so no need to fit everything in at one time!

On Saturday we dedicated most of the day to working on the garage. We are getting so close to being done. After spending most of Saturday (and a little bit of Sunday on it) we just have to do some touch up mudding, prime one more wall and the ceiling, and then paint to be finally ready to put it back together. I cannot wait for that thing to be off our to-do list.

We had one really un-fun chore on our Saturday to-do list – clean out our dead hive. We lost our final hive over the winter and we decided that it was time to clean it out and put it away. It is always sad dealing with a bunch of dead bees but luckily things weren’t too gross in the hive. We’ve decided to take a break from beekeeping this year since we would have to buy new hives so we also dismantled our bee yard as well.

We ended up going for a late day walk on Nose Hill to relax after all our work and spotted our first crocuses.

Everything else is so brown that it was easy to spot these guys

We’re dog sitting and our canine companions didn’t want to sleep in on Sunday. I was awake at 6 am and dozed until 7:30 when we got up. We took the dogs for the slowest dog walk ever, and then I went out to buy paint while Jon worked in the garage. I got a second coat of primer on the garage walls and then decided we needed to spend some time outside.

We spent the rest of the afternoon puttering in our yard. I finished cleaning out the space we’d be using for the bees and set up our patio furniture there. Jon chopped all the wood we’d been drying and then we re-stacked our wood pile. We also raked the lawn and I composted some of the garden waste that was still hanging around. I’m not convinced that it really is spring, but it felt good to start getting the yard ready for warmer weather. The dogs spent all day outside with us which they found exhausting too.

chopping_wodd helping_with_the_yard_work old_dogs_at_play

Since tomorrow is spring break, it was nice not to have to spend this evening prepping for the week ahead. I have some appointments, and chores to do this week and then Jon and I are taking some time away together at the cabin. Should be a good week!


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