Spring Break at the Cabin

We have definitely enjoyed our relaxing mini-break at the cabin. We’re not usually down here at this time of the year (although with the warm weather we’ve been having, it might feel like later in the season) so we’ve been trying to do some different stuff. The lake isn’t frozen, but it is far too chilly to swim, and there isn’t any snow, so cross-country skiing is out but we’ve still managed to keep ourselves busy (and had lots of time to relax as well).

After our drive down on Friday we didn’t do much – we just watched a movie and headed to be early to catch up on our sleep. We woke up Saturday to beautiful blue skies and sunshine which just begged for time spent outside.We started with a dog walk around the lake (about 5 km, so an hour with Patches) to see what was new and then enjoyed a couple of coffees sitting out by the lake while Patches had a swim.


The afternoon was spent reading (perfect – I have lots of on my to-read list) and then we took Patches out again to explore. We tried a new to us trail and discovered some new places to walk with nice mountain views.


We wrapped up our day with a campfire by the lake. It was absolutely beautiful but got chilly once the sun set so we only hung out for about an hour.


On Sunday the weather was cloudy so we headed out for a mini driving tour after our morning coffee. We drove towards Cranbrook for an easy walk up Eager Hill – which didn’t deliver on the promised views with the snow but was still an enjoyable way to stretch our legs.


We finished our driving tour along the Wardner-Ft. Steele road which included a stop at the river to play. We spent the rest of the day napping and reading before taking Patches for another walk where we explored some game trails along the creek. Patches loves just wandering in the forest and I’m usually pretty happy to just be outside.

Monday morning we woke up to rain so we bundled up and went for a very damp walk around the lake. We took a detour to check out another lake – Hart or Heart Lake – because we’d never been. Then we curled up in the cabin to dry out (and I finished another novel).


The sun came out in the afternoon and we explored further down the trail we’d walked on Saturday until it came out at a beautiful stream (and we couldn’t figure out how to cross without wading through the thing).


Our last evening was spent relaxing and then today (Tuesday) we’re making the drive back to Calgary after one last dog walk. It has been awesome to be away – even though it isn’t the most exotic of locations just having a few days away from our usual routine (and chores) has been very refreshing. While I’m not ready to return to work (and thankfully don’t have to until next week) I’m feeling recharged enough to tackle my next few days at home.



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