Review of the 2016Q1 Goals and Looking Forward to Q2

At the beginning of January I set out some yearly goals and some shorter term goals (Q1). We’re at the end of Q1 now, so I thought I’d have a look at my goals and set some for Q2.

Looking Back at Q1

Here’s what I was hoping I’d get better at in the first few months of 2016, and how I did with those things:

  • complete round one of “de-junking” the house – pretty successful. I’ve gotten rid of a ton of stuff (like a whole car full) including clothes, a few pieces of furniture and some stuff that was just junk.
  • get into the routine of putting stuff away after I use it – I focused on a few key pieces with this one: car keys, sunglasses, clothes, toques/mitts. While I’m not getting it 100% of the time I definitely put stuff in the correct place enough that I’m not scrambling for my keys in the morning, or sifting through piles of clothes on the bedroom floor.
  • write, and begin to follow, a training plan for an early season sprint triathlon – I did post a plan and have been following it but am not convinced that I want to do an early season sprint trip. I’m keeping my options open but think maybe I’ll do a different race/event that weekend.
  • finish the garage – we’re so close. I’ll post about our garage adventures when we’re done but it is going to be such a relief to have that back to normal.
  • spend time outside – we did pretty good. I wish that our ski season had been longer but we enjoyed a good weekend of skiing in January, did some hiking and exploring in February and spent lots of time outside in March with biking, hiking and our long weekend in Fernie.


  • update our household budget, write an approved shopping list and set some spending/saving priorities for 2016 – we do have a budget, and have been working on putting more money into savings by actually following our budget.
  • Go on a winter outdoor adventure – lots of time spent outside, but no major winter adventures this year.
  • try using for grocery shopping again – Using it and loving it. I mostly buy veggies and fruit through spud, and then we supplement with occasional trips to Costco and Superstore. We now don’t have to shop weekly so I feel like we’re saving time (and $) so I plan to keep this up.

Looking Forward to Q2

I love, and dislike, the next three months. We’re starting the last few months of school, which means we’re not that far away from summer vacation but that also means there is a ton of work to do. The weather gets warmer so we spend more time outside (yay!) but we also have to add a lot more yard work into our chore list. Still, its hard to be sad when the sun is shining and summer planning is under way. Here’s what I’d like to work towards in Q2:

  • round two of de-junking – I’ve done the easy stuff, so now I’ve got to tackle the harder stuff. I’m thinking office drawers full of partially used stationary, the laundry room and our small garage (once we’ve got the big garage back to normal).
  • Go camping – we didn’t end up having a big winter adventure, but I think we could aim for a summer style adventure. With the warm weather we’ve been having the season should (probably) be already started.
  • Meal plan – I have had zero motivation to cook anything lately but I do best when I have a plan. So, time to get back to creating weekly meal lists.
  • Tackle at least one major and one smaller home repair project – assuming we finish the garage in the next month, I’d like to get started on another one of our big projects (the backyard or the bathroom) and cross off a smaller project (painting the second bedroom, switching all our electrical outlets).
  • Get our gardens going – from starting seeds, to planting asparagus crowns we’ve got lots to do this year.
  • Log some miles on our bikes – we’ve already been out riding a fair bit (I did my first 40 km ride the other week with my Dad) but my road bike is still on the trainer. Today I plan to switch my tires over to my outdoor tires so there will be no excuses for not having the bike out.
  • Tweak my morning routine so it takes less time – then I can either sleep in or get more done before I head off to work. Right now the alarm is going off at 5:30 am, and I’m madly rushing out of the house at 7:15 am. I’m not really sure where those two hours are going!

I’m going to get started on my Q2 list right now by heading out on a long ride since it is a balmy 15C already and supposed to hit highs of 20C today!


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