Early Spring Weekends

This was definitely a spectacular weekend here in Calgary. Warm, sunny – perfect. It was my last weekend of break so we took advantage of the nice weather to enjoy a weekend outside.

On Friday we started off the weekend with drinks downtown. I rode my bike and it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt to bike in. Bliss…

Saturday morning we took Patches for a walk on Nose Hill so he could get some outside time before it got too warm. It was windy on the hill but we spotted lots of early spring flowers and Patches always loves being outside.

Our big adventure for the day was an afternoon bike ride. We headed out from our house and worked our way downtown and further south to Glenmore Reservoir. We’ve never actually been around the reservoir before (either on foot or by bike) and so even though it was very busy on the pathways we enjoyed a chance to explore a new area. We took it pretty slow around the reservoir so it took us close to two hours. There were  lots of great views.


The weather was still warm but it got very windy in the afternoon. Our ride home was a bit of a slog with a headwind but still nice. We arrived home pretty tired from our adventure and ready for a relaxing evening.

Sunday started cloudy but cleared off by the time we’d met up for a dog walk and coffee. The lawn bowling green was open so we spent the afternoon playing our first game of the season. I definitely need some practice but I wasn’t as rusty as I thought I’d be.


We got some use out of our new patio area visiting with my Dad and then BBQed up some steaks. Even after two weeks off I’m not quite ready to return to work but this weekend was a good way to end vacation.


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