The 2016 Garden – What’s Growing Already!

It seems so early but the weather has been warm this year and we’ve already got lots of things coming up in the garden.


Including last year’s kale, which made an second appearance this year. I’ve never had kale grow the second year so I’m interested to see what happens. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to harvest from it early!


Last year we added two raised beds to our yard and I grew a small variety of veggies in 2015. This year I’m cautiously expanding my garden – we’re growing a few containers, I’ve got some asparagus crowns on the way and I’m scouting locations for a permanent herb bed.

I’ve also decided to start my own seeds again this year. We’re growing a few varieties of squash (delicata and spaghetti) and two types of zucchini including one that is specifically for containers. I’ve also started some ornamentals including purple cone flowers and decorative artichokes. My future seedlings are settled in the guest room for now and I plan to move them downstairs once they sprout.


I’ve also got some seeds that we will direct seed into the garden later (but probably not too long from now). I am growing the same beans as I have since we started but I purchased a few new kale varieties (some things with curlier leaves) and will also grow some swiss chard.

I’ve already been sprinkling some chives on my morning eggs so I’m super excited for when real veggies are starting to grow in our garden.

Anyone else have their garden started?



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