Early Season Camping at Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park

It required a late night after a long day on Thursday but it was worth it to head out of the city on Friday night for our first overnight adventure of the season. During my early season gear organizing I packed our car camping tubs so those were easy to grab and all we had to pack was some food and our clothes. I kept the meal plan pretty simple – smokies and bagged salad for dinner and oatmeal with yogurt and bananas for breakfast. We packed lots of warm clothes and both our down bags and our car camping bags.

The plan was to head to Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park. I’d spent some time researching it (and checking fire bans) and it seemed like an easy place for a one night adventure. It is less than an hour from our house so we were pulling into the campground by 6:30 pm. It is quite a large campground but they only have loops B and C open until mid-May. After driving around we settled on site B102 – it faced the river and had a big enough spot for our tent. The campground is definitely set up for trailers (there aren’t tent pads so we set up on gravel) but the sites are pretty private. There are lots of outhouses and garage cans so you’re never too far from the facilities. The water isn’t potable and is actually turned off (which seemed like a problem for putting out fires). The campground was fuller than I’d expected but there are lots of trees so we couldn’t see or hear anyone.

The humblest accommodations in the campground
They have beautiful new picnic tables and decent fire pits (don’t worry, this was actually taken after our walk, we didn’t leave an unattended fire)

After we set up our tent, we took Patches for a walk along the trail that boarders the river. We headed downstream to the end of the campground and then upstream as far as the Day Use area. It ended up being about 45 minutes of easy walking. We spotted lots of birds including some pelicans and the weir, which we decided would require exploring the next day.


Then it was time for dinner and relaxing. We roasted smokies over the fire and just hung out for a few hours. It was pretty cloudy but not as chilly as I’d planned for.



We ended up going to bed early and snuggled up in our double layered sleeping bags. I slept a lot better than I thought I would – it was pretty warm and Patches stayed asleep until about 5:30 am when the hundreds of birds woke Patches up and he decided it was time to explore.

Hey guys, why are you still sleeping?

We were up and out of the tent by 6:30 am and had time for a short walk followed by coffee and breakfast. After breakfast we packed up and then headed to the explore the weir. It was pretty cool to see the force of the water up close.


After our walk it was only 9:30 am (the joy of being up so early) but we decided to head back to the city anyways. It was a short get away but a perfect way to start our summer camping season! I’m not sure when we’re going to be able to squeeze in another adventure but hopefully it won’t be too long before we can explore another new campground.


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