The 2016 Garden – A Good Start

This has to be the earliest I’ve ever put in my garden but this warm weather means that things are further along that usual and I was starting to panic that I was losing growing time (Calgary has pretty short growing season so every day is precious). I’d mentioned in my planning post that we were expanding our gardens a little bit so that was my first order of business last weekend. Our asparagus crowns had arrived in the mail and needed to get in the ground.

Keeping with my raised bed design from last year, I built my new bed out of cedar planks. I spent a few hours digging up my new bed space, and then I assembled a three sided bed. It took a little adjustment but I was able to get it in and levelled.


Patches made sure I took a break to work on other chores as he tested out the new garden bed.



I’d got a great deal on bags of dirt a few weeks ago so I tossed a few of those into the bed as well and then planted my asparagus crowns in a trench. Two spears have already come up!


The rest of the garden went in pretty quickly after that. I planted lettuce, kale and chard in one bed, and beans in the other (assorted varieties). I also planted a pot of kale. Nothing new but I just didn’t feel like taking a gamble this year.


I’ve left space for the seedlings I have growing in the basement. I didn’t have a lot of success with my seeds but my spaghetti squash and my container zucchini did sprout so I will at least have those! A co-worker also brought in some tomato and pepper seedlings so I grabbed one of each to add to my garden.


So far a few beans have started to come up and my container kale has sprouted. I’m away all next week so I’m excited to see how things progress while I’m out of town.


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