Goodbye Little D


Last Monday Donnelly became very sick. After a late night at the emergency vet, we made the decision to say goodbye to the little ginger cat who has been such a huge part of our family. It was sudden, unexpected and heartbreaking, even more so since I was out of town.

While we are mourning the loss, I know that in the 8 years since we brought Donnelly home we had a lot of great times and those were all worth the heartache that is now.

Right from the start, Donnelly was an amazing cat buddy for Patches. He loved to snuggle, even if Patches wasn’t always game.

Donnelly_GoodBye_3 Donnelly_GoodBye_4

We always joked that Donnelly liked to “live dangerously” and enjoyed his crazy cat antics. I’ve been watching videos of him eating giant hair balls, playing with Christmas gift bags and harassing Oreo. He brought lots of smiles.



He kept Oreo on his toes – but we think they liked having the element of surprise and the occasional fight.


And finally, he loved being with us. And we loved having him around.


It seems silly to say but he was a good cat. And we will miss him. Goodbye little cat – our house is a little quieter and our hearts a little heavier without you.


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