A Week in Bamfield

Like last year, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a week studying with my students at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. While I had to deal with some sadness, the trip was excellent overall. We had beautiful weather and did some fantastic activities. The west coast is beautiful and I always enjoy any opportunity I get to be there.

The week is jam-packed, but here are a few of the highlights. We did a lot of the same activities as last time, but I enjoyed them all over again.

Cruising in Grappler Inlet (to collect water samples) on a super sunny day. Such a beautiful location, and on a sunny day I enjoyed spotting eagles, kingfishers and jellyfish while the students collected some water samples.


Exploring tide pools. There are some crazy things in tide pools and I could spend hours watching them – good thing that was our job!


Marine life. This crazy sea cucumber, as well as seals, sea lions and a super cool flat fish were just a few of the things we spotted.


Hanging out on beautiful beaches. It helped that it was warm and sunny, but the beaches at Bamfield are super pretty. I love Brady’s Beach because it is sandy and you almost feel like you’re somewhere tropical.


Seastars (starfishes!) are my favourite invertebrate and there are always so many on the rocks, in the pools and everywhere. These ocher stars are pretty but I also found a few leather stars and some brittle stars too.


This one day that we made sand castles. I needed a time out and this was the perfect place to take one. The students built some crazy sand castles and I took a few minutes just to chill out. A well needed break.


Sunsets from the observation deck. We had some beautiful evenings and I loved going to watch the sun set over Barkley Sound.


Its easy to see why people pack up and move to small coastal towns. I spent some of my time day dreaming about owning a cottage on the rocky shore but eventually we had to return to Calgary. While we don’t have any coastal travel plans this year, I’m thinking that we should plan a family vacation on the coast next year.



2 thoughts on “A Week in Bamfield

  1. 1) I love that you have a “favourite” invertebrate.
    2) Come visit in Seattle! We have plenty of coastline 🙂

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