Weekend Adventures: Big Hill Springs and Highwood Pass

It’s June – so that means life is even more busy than usual as we struggle to find a balance between outdoor activities, the end of the school year crazy and all the house work. Last weekend was all about working on the house – we reworked our kitchen cabinets, built shoe racks and generally got stuff done around the house – so this weekend we focused a little more on the outdoor fun. We squeezed in two outdoor trips this weekend, plus lots of time just spent outside in the city.

Our first adventure was mostly for my sanity – its been a while since we got out and I need a break from my never ending to-do list. After a long night of student celebration on Thursday, I was more than ready to head out on Friday for some fresh air. After work we packed Patches into the car and headed out of the city to Big Hill Springs. We haven’t been to the park in a while but it is always a good outing. We hiked the loop twice, giving Patches a break to swim in the springs. With the warm weather it was a perfect place to spend an hour or so.




Saturday morning we headed out on another adventure – a ride up Highwood Pass. We rode it for the first time two years ago and I was looking forward to another go at the steep ride now that I’ve got a few more miles under me. The start was busier than last time but that’s because the weather was absolutely amazing. Sunny and warm with just enough of a breeze to keep us cool on the climb. It wasn’t fast climb because I was too busy staring at the scenery – it was stunning up there on Saturday.


We made it to the top and celebrated with some snacks and a few photos. Usually I like being by ourselves but it was kind of fun to be up there with a ton of other cyclists.


The ride down was way less terrifying than last time – in fact I enjoyed flying down the hills. After we stopped at the gas station for a post ride ice cream treat and I indulged in a little Tiger-tail ice cream which is a terrible combination of orange and liquorice.


I haven’t been out on my bike much lately so it felt good to get a ride in. And so much outside time on such a sunny and warm weekend was perfect. I even managed to sunscreen well enough that I avoided a sunburn even with all my exposed skin!


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