A Quick Weekend in Seattle

I can’t believe it’s taken me over a week to write this – but such is June…

I wasn’t planning a trip to Seattle this spring, but when I found out that Jon was away for the weekend, my little sister was graduating and my Dad was heading down I figured I might as well join the family. I got a good deal on flights, arranged to bunk at my sister’s place and I was good to go. For a girl who likes to plan her travels, booking a trip two weeks before is pretty “last minute” for me. I actually liked it since the wait time between booking the trip and getting to enjoy my vacation was so short!

Our flight times were perfect – I was able to go home in the afternoon from work on Friday and then head to the airport for 5 pm. We arrived in Seattle at 7 pm and because I flew carry-on I was off that plane and ready to go right away. M picked us up and we headed into the city for dinner. I was pretty tired after my day at work so we headed to our respective places after dinner for an early night. M lives near the University of Washington and my dad had a B and B near by.

I woke up early on Saturday morning and took myself to find a coffee before meeting my sis, her boyfriend (A) and my dad for brunch at The Butcher and The Baker. We were lined up before it opened and got the last table so it is definitely a popular spot. I had the Kentucky Gentleman which came with the most amazing piece of pork belly I’ve ever eaten.


Feeling very full, I walked back to M’s place through Ravenna Park to give everyone else time to get ready for the grad ceremony. Then we all headed to the university so they could attend M’s grad ceremony and I could catch the Link to downtown for an afternoon of hitting up the tourist spots.

It’s a pretty quick ride from the University to Westlake Station. From there it was a short walk and I was at the market and ready to explore for the day!


My first stop was a walk through Post Alley to see the gum wall. I did not contribute but there were lots of people adding to the collection.


Then I had a look at the waterfront – it was cloudy but nice to be by the water.


After a little time by the water I climbed back up to the market and spent some time wandering the stalls and stocking up on some lunch essentials. It was pretty busy, but I still had a chance to check out a few vendors. I really only had two things I wanted – Ellenos greek yogurt (I bought two flavours) and cherries (I had the first half pound eaten before I was out of the market).



After wandering the length of the market, I took my bag of goodies and headed over to see the Space Needle.


Then I walked up to Kerry Park to take in the views of the city. It is a bit of a climb but worth it.


I walked further west to Marshall Park and finally enjoyed my lunch goodies – yogurt, Beechers cheese curds and a delicious peach – looking out over the water.


I spotted the Elliot Bay Trail from my view point and decided that was how I was going to get home. It took a little bit of navigation – through Kinnear Park and then across a very spectacular pedestrian bridge (which I later learned was called the Helix Bridge) – but I made it down to the water again.


From there it was an easy and pleasant walk back to the Seattle Aquarium and then to the Link station. I took my time to check out a few of the little beaches and enjoy the views.


I finally made it back to my place around 6 pm and took a few minutes to freshen up before heading out with the family for dinner. We had some time before our reservation  so M took us to Gas Works Park for views of the city.


We had dinner at Iver’s which has pretty views and then headed home. I was pretty tired after all my walking so I was happy to curl up in bed with a book.

On Sunday morning my Dad came over and we headed downtown together to check out a few of the sights and walk by the water before meeting M and A for the afternoon. We headed to Ballard for lunch and then a visit to the Ballard Locks and salmon ladder. I’ve seen lots of locks but the salmon ladder was a first. There was even a sockeye making its way up the ladder so we got to view it through the under water windows.


After the locks we went to Discovery Park where we did another walk (so much walking on this trip!) to take in the views which included our first glimpse of Rainier.


Our final stop was Alki Beach to check out Seattle from the other side. We only had a few minutes to visit (we had a flight to catch) but I’d definitely like to come back next time we’re in the city.


Then it was a quick drive to the airport and an easy walk through check in and security. Our flight left on time and just like that my weekend away was over. It was just a short trip – 48 hours – but felt like the perfect break at a time of the year when it is easy to get buried in my work. I can’t wait to go back to Seattle with Jon (tentatively planned for the fall) so we can explore more of the city.


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