Review of the 2016Q2 Goals and Looking Forward to Q3!

The end of June always sneaks up on me – how are we possibly halfway through 2016 already? Luckily, Q3 is most of my favourite part of the year (summer and fall) so I’m definitely OK with the fact that summer has arrived. This year I’ve switched positions and am back on the “traditional” school calendar. While this means that my weeklong fall break is gone, I get to enjoy more of the summer and therefore can plan even more awesome adventures!

Looking Back at Q2

Here’s what I thought I’d like to accomplish in April, May and June of this year (and how I did with that goal).

  • Round two of de-junking.

I didn’t do a formal dejunk but we did continue to get rid of items we’re not using. My sister did comment that some rooms are starting to look a little bare (like my living room) but I still have some stuff to get rid of before we make decisions about what is going up on walls, etc.  We did a pretty good job of cleaning out our garages as well in the past few weeks so I’m starting to feel better about the amount of stuff in our house. We are down to the nitty gritty (like bags of partially used pencils) which makes it harder.

  • Go Camping

Success! Yes, I only made it out once (Jon also spent a long weekend camping) but I’m counting it as a win. I’d like to spend more nights out in our tent this summer, but our weekend at Wyndham-Carseland was pretty good.  I realized that we need to add a new core-screw, some wet naps and a small broom to our camping supplies and then we’re good to go!


  • Meal Plan

Breakfast has been going OK but the rest of the time, not good. I’m tired of cooking and really of eating too so this one is very hard. I’m hoping now that summer is here and we’ve got lots of fresh veggies it will become easier but definitely something to work on.

  • Tackle at least one major and one minor home repair project

So, we did finally finish the garages (which is a whole post in itself) but unfortunately didn’t really start in on anything ourselves. Luckily, my father-in-law stopped by for a week and accomplished several smaller projects for us including new cupboards over our fridge and stove, as well as a new shoe rack. He built our “new” cupboard out of an old cupboard we’d taken down, a re-purposing skill I’m much in awe of since it looks like it was always intended to be there. We didn’t start any major projects but I’m hopefully we’ll get the bathroom fan done this summer.


  • Get our gardens going

Yes! Including those asparagus beds I built and this new planter that my father-in-law built.


I haven’t been harvesting from the garden yet (other than chives) but hopefully when we return from vacation things will be good to go. This is what our gardens look like at the end of June:


I’m pretty impressed with my tomato plant and am looking forward to finding out if I actually get any tomatoes this year!


Log some miles on our bikes

We fit in a few major rides in the past couple of months, plus lots of smaller excursions. We rode around the Glenmore Reservoir, the Sheep River Valley Road, Highwood Pass and a very long route to Village Ice Cream. I also tackled the ride to and from my house for YYC Bike to School Day and a ride the other week in Bears Paw. When I was looking at my mileage the other day, I realized I was just a few miles shy of 200 miles in the past three months but I wasn’t able to pull it together to log those last few miles and ended up at 194 miles.


Plans for Q3

  • Get the canoe out

With the garages finally cleaned out we can access the canoe again and we really want to take it for a spin. There are a few short trips I’d like to do – down the Bow River and Vermillion Lakes that would just be half-day adventures.

  •  Go on at least one picnic

We finally set up our outdoor eating area after it had been buried under junk for too long. Summer is for eating outside, so we’ve got to get out more.

  • One major outdoor adventure/week (hike, long ride, etc)

Its going to be a busy summer, but I need to make being outside a priority because it always brings me sanity. Summer is the time to explore Alberta, so outdoor adventures it is.

  •  Tackle the very long book my book club has decided to read

Since we can’t meet over the summer, my book club is reading a very long book – Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. My internet research has revealed that I have inadvertently read some very long books already including Gone with the Wind but this one would probably be the longest (at well over 1000 pages). I’m looking forward to it – even if it seems like it might be a bit of a weird read.

  • Frame and hang our artwork

 Jon and I bought some art in Scotland and we’ve also go some pieces we have collected over the years but very little of it is up where people can see. I’d like to get it up in certain rooms to “finish” them. Our kitchen (while not perfect) is pretty close to being a real room and a few pieces of art would go a long way to making it look more done.

  • Relax, at least a little

Our summer is packed full, and while I’m excited for everything we have planned, I’m hoping that we’re going to have time to just sit in the sun, read our books (see above) and do nothing. We’ve finally got our patio set up and I’m going to hang our hammock and just chill out more. Like Oreo…


  • Install a fan in the bathroom

This requires us cutting a role in the roof, so must be done before the snow starts. Sounds like a summer project to me!

I’m already to get started on my summer list – the sun is shining and the mountains are calling and I’m taking advantage of the fact that teachers get all summer off to go hiking during the week! I haven’t been out to the mountains in a while so I’m pretty excited to stretch my legs and get some elevation!


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