Enjoying the Heat in Ontario

We haven’t been to Ontario in years, but this summer Jon’s family was getting together for a week of cottaging so we packed our bags and headed east for some of that Ontario summer (which I think is really the best part of Ontario).

I’d booked our flights way back in the winter so we actually got pretty good flight times even though we were flying on points. On Thursday morning we dropped Patches off on our way to the airport and flew carry-on so it was a pretty seamless trip from Calgary to Toronto. Once in Toronto we grabbed a cab to our car rental agency and we were on the road!

Our first destination was my brother-in-law’s place out in St. Clements – about a 2 hour drive in the late day traffic. We pulled up around 7:30 pm which meant we still had time for a swim in the pool and pizza and drinks on the porch. Our room was in the basement and it was so cool and dark that I had one of my best sleeps in a while.

On Friday we visited Jon’s grandma and then spent the rest of the day playing in the pool. Jon had purchased us some Wabobas for our summer adventures and luckily they arrived just in time to join us on our trip. Nothing feels more like vacation than spending a day in the sun at the pool.

Testing out the Wabobas
A pool in the backyard would be pretty nice
Strange things happen when you’ve spent all day sipping drinks by the pool.

I was happy we’d soaked up the sunshine on Friday because Saturday turned out to be cool and windy. I went to my first ever spin class with my sister-in-law while Jon and his brother did some shopping in preparation for our cottage time. Then we spent the afternoon waiting for the weather to improve by taking in some amateur fast pitch at the local diamonds. It did clear up in the evening in time for a swim and a few games of ladder golf.

Watching some serious amateur fast pitch. This was the over 50 league and they were very serious about their chatter on the field

On Sunday, after one last swim in the pool, we packed up our car and headed north to Hunstville area for the cottage vacation part of our trip. We took the more scenic, but slower route up towards Collingwood and then Huntsville. While I can’t see us ever living in southern Ontario, the farm land is quite pretty and it was a scenic drive. The cottages that we’d rented were located on Doe Lake, about 40 minutes north of Huntsville and we arrived in time for a swim, a sweaty run and another swim before dinner.

The cottages were quite tiny which I think would have been a problem if the weather was crummy but luckily we had sunshine for the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we spent there. It was hot – over 30C each day – we we spent most of our time near or in the water. Our cottages had a shared beach area, but we also took the oldest of my nieces and nephews down to the huge (and very empty) public beach a 15 minute walk away (we spent one whole morning just playing with the Wabobas there). I worked on evening out my bike short tan while reading Infinite Jest, and Jon won many a water fight against his nephews.

This nephew is in for a dunking!
Infinite Jest is just as confusing when read at the beach
The public beach at shallow water for ages – they would have stayed in there all day if I hadn’t decided we needed lunch

We went out for a boat ride one day and did a few longer lake swims when it got too hot to go running. Jon and I also walked to the other side of the bay one afternoon for an ice-cream. Generally life at the cottage.

The view of Doe Lake from our cottage
Heading back in after a big swim
Boat ride around Little and Big Doe Lakes
Late night swims to cool off before bed
I helped my second youngest niece prepare her first s’more – and then made a few for myself

We headed back to Toronto and then Calgary on Thursday after three full days of beaching – which was perfect timing. I love the beach, but have a finite limit for how much I can just laze around. It also was cool and cloudy on Thursday morning, which was my sign to head out. And I hadn’t been sleeping well in our closet of a bedroom (literally – just enough room for a double bed) since it was stinking hot.

We just spent a week, but I’m happy we made the trip out east this year. Last summer we missed the heat (Scotland was amazing but not that sunny) so this summer I’m soaking it up and Ontario is the perfect place to do that. It was also really nice to finally meet my youngest nieces and nephews and reconnect with my in-laws.



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