Exploring the Shuswap – Nobel and Isobel Lake

While we were camped at Paul Lake we took a couple of day trips to explore the area because even though we’ve been through that area before, we’ve never taken time to get off the highway and see what’s out there. Our first adventure was supposed to be a quick trip to Isobel Lake followed by a drive up the Thompson River – but we ended up having a completely different (and still pretty awesome) adventure. We spent a couple of (enjoyable hours) navigating some serious gravel roads, ended up at Nobel Lake, eventually made it to Isobel Lake and decided to save our Thompson River adventures for another day.

From Paul Lake we headed west to Kamloops where we stocked up on essentials for the day (gas, coffee) and then headed up to find Isobel Lake. Our Backroads Map Book indicated there was access off the Westsyde Rd. which isn’t really the way to go. There is a road but it got progressively narrower and rougher until we eventually had to turn around.

The better part of the road

Not to be completely defeated, we simply took a different fork in the road and continued our drive.

So pretty

Eventually ending up a Nobel Lake, a small lake tucked away in the middle of no-where.

Nobel_Lake_02 Nobel_Lake_05

We hauled out the BBQ, made hot dogs and explored – because when you have a whole lake to yourself you need to take advantage of it.

Views from the trails above the lake
Hiking through cut blocks around the lake

We still really wanted to get to Isobel Lake, so after a few hours at Nobel we turned around and headed back to the main road. A quick Google search revealed directions to the lake and we headed off.

Driving in the hills north of Kamloops

The lake is about 40 minutes north of Kamloops and has a small camping area and access to the water.

The furthest sites in the camping area are the prettiest

We had a swim and walked the interpretive trail around the lake.

On a side note – Jon wore this exact outfit every day of our trip. When we got home and I asked for his laundry he handed me a t-shirt and a pair of swim trunks

Isobel_Lake_03 Isobel_Lake_05

Then we took advantage of the fact that we’d brought all our kitchen stuff with us and made BBQed pork tenderloin, baby potatoes and salad by the lake.

Every night we cooked on the BBQ – definitely our best new piece of camping gear


Our adventures for the day managed to keep us away from the thunderstorms that seemed to be all around us and let us explore two very different areas. We left Isobel Lake just after dinner and after a quick stop for ice we made to back to our base camp to enjoy an evening campfire and plot our adventures for the next day.


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