Exploring the Shuswap – North Thompson River Loop

For our second day of exploring we decided to continue on with what we’d through we’d cover in day 1 – the road along the west side of the North Thompson River.

We started up Westsyde Road out of Kamloops, which is paved up as far as the McLure Ferry. It travels through some pretty pasture land, and has nice views of the river. We stopped just before the McLure Ferry to check out the river and watch a few cars cross on the ferry.


The road past this point is gravel, and much narrower. It climbs above the river (and away from it) and you get great views out over everything. We drove along this until we crossed a small creek and decided to pull over and explore – at what turned out to be the Fishtrap Rec site.


Fishtrap Creek is pretty nice – we waded in the creek and clambered around on the banks before Jon and I climbed up a nearby hill for the views.

fishtrap_02 fishtrap_03

Then it was back on the road – which is a typical forestry road that goes better cedar forests and spruce forests – where we spotted a bear but not much else. The road intersects the main highway again, and after some messing around we decided to head back south on the highway to explore Heffley Lake (via the Agate Bay and Heffley Louis Creek roads).

Heffley Lake is another rec site and is pretty developed since it is accessible off a paved road. There is a camping area and a separate boating area (where we settled down on our blanket for some sunning and swimming). The lake is actually quite nice to swim in as the rec site is located on a small bay and boat speeds are limited. The water is super clear and we did some snorkelling.


By the time it was late afternoon thunderheads were building and we decided we needed to head back to camp. We loaded up the vehicles and headed back to Paul Lake. While I wouldn’t camp at Heffley Lake (it was way too crowded), it made a nice pit stop during a day of driving and I’d definitely head back to Fishtrap for more exploring.


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