What We’ve Been Up to These Past Few Weeks

End of the summer – I can’t quite believe that I’ve been back to work for over a week now. Our last few weeks of vacation were busy – here’s what we got up to.

My new school planner, all ready for the new year

As soon as we got back from hiking we loaded up the Rover and headed to Edmonton for the Canadian National Lawn Bowling Championships. We’ve been to Edmonton more times this year than ever before – this time spending a week in the city.

I was up to officiate and Jon did greens maintenance. It was a pretty cool volunteer experience but also really tiring. Lawn bowling isn’t the most exciting sport to watch and being on my feet for 7 hours a day was tiring. But, we did get to live on the lawn bowling greens in a trailer which was an interesting experience.

Jon hard at work at 6:30 am


Measuring to the ditch



In the midst of that we celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe its been that long together! It was also our 11 year anniversary with Patches. Jon and I went out for an early dinner (pasta at Tasty Tomato in Edmonton) and Patches got some extra cuddles when we finally returned from our adventures.


Then I snuck in one last week of vacation – some dog walks, some stuff around the house and it was back to work. The last weekend before work started we had our first weekend home in forever and finally managed to tackle some home repair projects. We washed the outside windows, did a little garage dejunking and finally chopped down the last of the front yard hedges in preparation for some landscaping in the spring. It felt good to cross some stuff off our to-do list and I am really looking forward to spending more time at home now that fall is here.


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