This Weekend…

  • It snowed (again!) so Patches, Brinkley and I headed up to Nose Hill after work to celebrate being done another week (and get some fresh air)
It is difficult to get two dogs to cooperate with a self timer


  • I attended a Canadian themed birthday party and ate a slice of amazing pumpkin cheesecake (plus caught up with a bunch of friends!)
  • Jon was gone so I spent Saturday deep cleaning my house. It isn’t fun, but my fridge is way less disgusting now!
I did find this horrible discoloured hardwood in my closet – uh oh…
  • Did I mention Jon is gone? Ugh… and not just this weekend (for 10 days!)
  • I worked on my Halloween costume – A History of Curling in Canada
The rocks move so you can replay your favourite curling end..
  • I went for another lovely dog walk (Sunday was so much nicer than Friday)
  • It was book club and while I can’t indulge in wine, I’m not saying no to cheese (and chatting about books with friends is nice)
  • I caved and bought myself pumpkins – then I had to stay up late on Sunday night to carve them
One of them was rotten inside.. gross…
  • But it was worth it because I got delicious pumpkin seeds


It wasn’t the most exciting weekend and I didn’t get done nearly half of the stuff on my  list but it was a good chance to catch up. Still, I’m already ready for another weekend…

My pumpkins in action

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