My First Trimester

I was only four weeks along I decided I had to be pregnant – my usual cycle is spot on (I can predict to the hour) so when I was late, and then still late I decided that something must be up. When we returned from our weekend away I stopped and picked up a pregnancy test. The whole family crowded into the bathroom and we watched one line and then a second line show up. Holy shit! I wasn’t 100% confident in my test results (itsn’t this supposed to take some time at my age?) so I headed to see my doctor for confirmation. And yup, I really was pregnant.

Yes I took a photo – and we left it on the counter for a day because neither of us could really believe it.

I wasn’t really bothered by any real pregnancy symptoms for a few weeks – it was around week 7 that I really noticed that I wasn’t feeling awesome (so tired!). And then nausea started – which I totally wasn’t prepared for. We spent the week at the National Lawn Bowling Championships in Edmonton where we lived on the greens in a trailer, which wasn’t the idea situation for suddenly realizing you feel terrible. There was one morning where I woke up dry heaving and desperately searched the club house for anything I could eat. Luckily I found (an unopened, although I’m not sure that would have mattered) package of saltines (the kind you get when your order a take out soup) which took the edge off. After that I made sure I had some “comfort foods” around – which mostly included anything tangy or sour (I ate so many sour candies that week).

After we returned from Edmonton I basically spent a week sleeping. There were a few days that week where I couldn’t do anything but sleep and eat and I was so thankful I didn’t have to go back to work quite yet. One day I never even got out of bed.

The next week was our first ultrasound and while I was SO excited to see our little blob (and its heart beating) I was sort of crushed to find out that I wasn’t as far along as we’d thought – an extra week of exhaustion and nausea wasn’t something I was prepared for (especially now that I was back at work).

Then week after that wasn’t an awesome week either – I had some spotting and panicked. This meant two doctor visits and another ultra-sound where thank goodness our baby was just fine. I may have shed a tear or two in the room when the ultrasound tech found the heartbeat.

The following weeks just become a blur of nausea and exhaustion. Unlucky for me I ended up with all day and all night nausea. The only thing that helped was eating (and sleeping) so I found myself eating all the time. That included the middle of the night – Patches and I would get up around 1 am and he would go outside for a few minutes and I would eat whatever I could find. I went through eating phases – Gherkins, hash brown patties and meat pies were common items but I also had a cold cereal phase, an instant oatmeal phase and one point where all I wanted was white cheddar mac and cheese.

There was a while where I had to drive with the windows down every time I took Patches anywhere because his dog breath made me nauseous.  And I had to buy some beeswax candles because the smell of him in the house made me ill. A friend suggested lime sorbet as a nausea cure and I ate bowls of the stuff (because it really did work).

While I don’t want to rush through this pregnancy (or sound so whiny), I was definitely counting down the weeks in the first trimester. I was so hopeful that when we got to 13 weeks things would get better and was unreasonably upset when it started to get worse around 13 weeks. More tears were shed after I spent mornings throwing up while walking the dog and even one unfortunate event where I sneezed and then threw up over the side of the bed (Jon was not impressed).

I’m happy to report that a few weeks in trimester two things got better (yay!) so I’m no longer the ball of misery I was. I’ve started eating normally again (although tonight I did buy another jar of gherkins) and have energy to exercise again. I’m planning to enjoy the next few months and take advantage of the fact the I feel almost “normal”.


4 thoughts on “My First Trimester

  1. Hi Jenny and Jon:
    Just spoke with my brother (your Dad) and he told me the fantastic news. So happy for the both of you both. Not sure how your blog works – my email is Have no doubt you will be fantastic parents and yes it is completely worth it. Aunt Joan

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