Halfway – or there about

I’m somewhere between 20 and 21 weeks now – which I guess puts me halfway through this pregnancy. I realize that 40 weeks is not an exact thing, but I’m excited and nervous that in about 20 weeks the newest MacDonald will be here!

How I’m Feeling

So.much.better. Somewhere around 16 weeks I stopped feeling nauseous all the time and now just feel nauseous some of the time. I throw up (still mostly in the back alley on morning dog walk) and then its better for the day. It’s mostly when I don’t get enough sleep or I wait too long before waking up to go eat something. And yes, I am still eating all the time although I’ve been better at what I’ve been eating.

No really crazy cravings right now. I’m loving rye toast with peanut butter and those mini-oranges that are in season right now.

And it’s not that pregnancy is an awesome feeling for me but its just not as terrible as that first trimester. I feel huge (although I recognize I’ve still got a lot of growing to do) and I’ve got various aches and pains (hip pain at night, the occasional calf cramp). I’m up about 15 pounds which means I’m definitely showing. I have yet to take a single shot of the belly but it is definitely there

What Baby is Up To

We had our 19 week ultrasound last week – which was the longest ultrasound ever. I left feeling rather ill and sore from being poked and prodded for an hour and a half because baby was moving too much and then wouldn’t flip into the right positions. It was all worth it though – we found out that no only is baby doing what it should be doing in there but that we’re also going to be welcoming a boy into our family!

And movement (finally!). Just this week I started to feel our little guy moving. Mostly at night, right after dinner, he’ll give me a few solid thumps that I think are a comment on whatever I ate (he either loves or hates hot sauce). Last night he was thumping hard enough that Jon was able to feel him.

What I’m Wearing

90% of what I’m wearing now is stuff that I didn’t own pre-pregnancy. I’m still stuffing myself into my bike shorts and a few pairs of sweatpants but other than that those I’ve had to pack away all my “regular” clothes. I’ve been lucky to get lots of hand me downs from friends – including a ton of bras. Normally I don’t swap bras with friends but getting about a half dozen nursing bras in various sizes was one of the best gifts ever. I’ve purchased a few items – a pair of work pants and some work shirts (I don’t like the form hugging maternity shirts for work so these were just flowy regular shirts) that I bought new plus a pair of jeans and some sweaters that I got second hand. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to add in some pregnancy sweat pants soon and I recently had to upsize my underwear!

My winter jacket I think has two more weeks left before I can’t zip it up but I bought myself a Kokoala jacket extender so I should be good for the winter (and next year too).


Pregnancy fitness sure is different that my regular fitness. I haven’t run since the early, early weeks of this pregnancy and the first trimester was basically a write-off. But, I’ve gotten into a better routine now where I’m fitting in two workouts a week plus a ton of walking. I haven’t made it to the pool yet but I have been spinning away on my bike in the basement. I’m too big to bend over onto the handle bars so I just peddle upright but it seems like enough of a workout right now.

What We’ve Been Up To

Among what seems like a hundred other home repairs, we’ve started in on the baby’s room. I’d always planned to paint it (we’re painting everything in the house) but then Jon showed me some adorable wall stickers and now I definitely want those too! We’re struggling to find the perfect paint colour but have finished painting the trim white. I had originally thought I wanted the room yellow but now I’m leaning towards a grey. Luckily it is a small room so once we pick a colour it won’t be more than a weekend to finish the painting.


We’ve also started collecting baby items thanks to many generous friends. I need to finish painting the baby room so I have somewhere to start storing the toys and clothes we’ve acquired.

What’s Next

I’m hoping things are generally pretty quiet over the next few weeks until Christmas break. I’ve got my next mid-wife appointment in a few weeks and I’d like to get my painting done so I can organize. My fitness goal is to make it to the pool (assuming I have a swim suit that still fits) and if it ever snows, test out my balance on my cross-country skies!


3 thoughts on “Halfway – or there about

  1. Hey Jenn and Jon:
    Everything sounds on track and am glad you are less nauseous.
    Baby boy … so the name game begins or is already decided. We also knew our first was a boy and toyed with Stephen. Decided to ask Les’ mother in Scotland her opinion and she suggested Ronald (not happening) and Scott (which was a click yes moment). And so Scott it was and thankfully is – I love his name as much as I love him.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas🎄🎄🎄Joan

    1. We are really struggling with baby names right now! We’re looking for something that goes with MacDonald and finding it difficult. Good news is that we have lots of time left!

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