Oh December…

I am so excited that it is finally December. Not because of Christmas (although I do enjoy it) but mostly because of Christmas vacation. This last month plus has been exhausting for me and I’m looking forward to two weeks with less commitments.

Besides getting all my Christmas shopping done (which isn’t actually too much) and surviving the last few weeks of school (never as difficult as expected) my big to do before Christmas arrives is getting our baby room painted (I strongly dislike the term nursery). I am having the hardest time picking out a colour to paint it but we just need to make up our minds. I need that room back in operation so major basement home renos can go ahead in January!

We’re currently in a bit of a cold snap – like in the -30s with the wind chill – which is really making December feel like winter. We got out of school early on Friday (yay!) so I made it a priority to get my Christmas lights up because there was no way I was stringing them up at -30.


This cold snap has also brought the sad realization that my snow pants do not fit over my growing belly. I haven’t needed them yet this season but they are a must for dog walks in this type of weather. I “solved” the problem by wearing Jon’s to walk the dog in this morning but that doesn’t help me out when he is home and wants to wear his. I think I’m going to have to buy myself a pair of large snow pants to get through this winter.


This weekend (weather permitting) we’ve got some fun Christmas stuff planned including going to get our tree (yay!) and hopefully getting a start on the Christmas baking.


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