The MacDonald Family Christmas Tree Hunt and Blogger Christmas Swap 2016

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We’re still having this terrible cold snap here in Calgary, which made for an interesting annual Christmas tree hunt last weekend. If it hadn’t been the only real weekend to get our tree we probably would have stayed snuggled up at home but instead we layered up and headed out to cut down a tree.

One of the advantages to it being so cold was that the tree lot was pretty quiet. We arrived around 11:1ish and were one of only a dozen vehicles in the lot. I was happy to see that even with the cold weather the JFW crew was out with their fire and hot dogs.

It wasn’t as cold as I’d anticipated it being so we were able to wander around for a quite a while before finally settling on a tree. There was fresh snow, and more was falling so it felt very Christmasy to be out on such a cold, snowy day.


Patches eventually got tired and cold (he tried to head back to the car at one point) so we settled on a tree that had some potential (minus the first few feet). We cut it down and hauled it back to the Rover. Then it was lunch around the fire before heading home.


Our tree was pretty frozen by the time we got home so we let it stand until the next day before we started decorating. I think we’re getting better and better at picking trees because this one is quite full for a scrawny bush pine!


Having our tree up meant that I could finally put out the decoration I got in the Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap . My partner was Kara at She Write Words and you can visit her blog to see what I sent. There were two things I noticed right away about my package from Kara  – the beautiful box she had chosen to send it in and her incredible taping skills! There was no way that box was accidentally opening during shipping!


Inside was a mug (with a cosy little mug sweater), some tea (and tea bags), some chocolate and an adorable dog ornament. I love that the ornament is soft so that I don’t have to worry about it breaking when we have little hands grabbing at our Christmas tree (and cats and dogs who run into things).


It’s nice to have the tree up. I also bought myself some stocking anchors so I was able to hang our family stockings for decoration too. It’s feeling quite festive in the house – now I just need to get my baking and shopping done!


2 thoughts on “The MacDonald Family Christmas Tree Hunt and Blogger Christmas Swap 2016

  1. Your tree looks great! We caved and bought a cultured one from a local tree farm. It’s was snowing and way too cold to go out with the kids to cut down a tree 😦

    I’m glad you liked your goodies!! And yes, I was super paranoid of the package opening or breaking while it was in the mail, haha. Glad everything arrived in one piece!

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