My January 2017 To Do List

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I sat down to think about a to-do list for 2017 but found it too overwhelming – trying to come up with a reasonable list of things I’d like to accomplish when we’re facing a pretty big addition to our family in April wasn’t something I could wrap my head around. I’ve got really no idea what things are going to look like after April, and even before then, other than it will be different than now. So, instead I decided to tackle my 2017 To-Do list by month.

But before this month’s to do list, I do have a few “big ideas” that I’d like to accomplish in 2017 – how I’m specifically going to do that I’m going to leave up to my monthly planning – but here they are:

  1. Have a fitness routine – now and after the arrival of Baby Scotch.
  2. Go outside and explore
  3. Travel
  4. Spend (meaningful) time with my husband

And so in January, I’d like to…

  1. Organize the baby “stuff”: we are one door handle (and some curtains) away from having our baby room ready so now it’s time to deal with all the items we’ve acquired for Baby S. This month I’d like to go through everything we’ve got, organize by time frame and decide what (if anything) we still need to get.
  2. Consistently work out at least 2X per week: as per the midwife’s orders, I’m supposed to be raising my heart rate for at least 30 minutes, twice a week.
  3. Clear out our food stockpile: Our cupboards and freezer are filled to bursting so it’s time to hunker down and eat what we’ve got. I’m happy to supplement with fresh veggies, fruit and dairy but we need to eat the “staples” that we’ve got.
  4. Use my personal day for something fun: we get one paid personal day at work and I always save mine, and then end up using it June when we’re mere weeks away from vacation. This year January is a LONG stretch with out an extra day off so it seems like the perfect time to use it.

The Christmas decorations are down, and it’s back to work tomorrow so let’s get going on January 2017!


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