The Second Trimester

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m in the third trimester but here we are at 28 weeks! I’m excited but also a little terrified – somewhere between 10 and 14 weeks to go! I’m looking forward to meeting our little guy (and not being pregnant anymore) but I also love things the way the are right now.

How I’m Feeling

Still feeling pretty good. The occasional puke and aches and pains but I’m taking that over the never ending nausea of Trimester 1. My hip pain had gotten to the point where I wasn’t able to sleep so I stared seeing a chiropractor and that has really been helping with the hip pain.

I’m feeling large and definitely the belly got way bigger over the Christmas break. Bending over and squatting down are getting difficult but not impossible. I have to keep remaindering myself not to put things down on the floor.

Not as many cravings. Still loving toast, with PB and J. I’m going to be really sad when grapefruit isn’t in season anymore since I eat one every day right now. I’m trying to eat a little less, since I don’t need it keep to puking away.

And I had my first really serious calf cramp the other night. I woke up screaming and writhing in bed around 5:30 am. Poor Jon was sent into a panic because I couldn’t articulate what was going on but we eventually got it under control.

What Baby Is Up To

Moving all the time! Thump, thump, thump – particularly in the middle of the night. It’s both so cool (he’s in there, moving!) and bothersome (it’s 3 am, he’s in there moving and I can’t sleep).

My belly is growing on track (yay!) so I’m assuming he’s keeping pace with what is expected and is in that 2lb range these days. He’s obviously still got some growing to do but I figure he’s got lots of time. I’ve up about 27 lbs which if I’m honest is all the weight I was hoping to gain. But, we’ll see how the third trimester goes.

Baby is lying across my belly (which probably explains some of the discomfort) and I’d really like him to move head down sooner rather than later. We’re trying a few things so hopefully the flip happens soon!

What I’m Wearing

Still matching some maternity clothes with non-maternity items that I bough specifically for maternity. Also shoving myself in to the occasional old item because they still fit. I noticed in the past week or so that some of my maternity items are getting a little snug (given how the belly has expanded) so I was able to switch in a few pieces of clothing I’d been given but have been too big up until this point. I’m keeping a pretty tiny wardrobe (I have two work shirts, 4 work dresses, a pair of work pants, two sweaters and some leggings) but had to order some more leggings, another shirt and a pair of workout pants this week. In my “at home life” I mostly just hang out in leggings and a sweater or my sweatpants, although I have a few t-shirts and a pair of skinny jeans for when I need to leave and be seen in public.

The long underwear, XXL snow pants and jacket extender have been worth it. And I did have to buy a new swim suit since the old one just ran out of space.


I’ve been doing a lot better with this (although still a far cry from pre-pregnancy). I’ve been consistently working out twice a week, plus lots of dog walking. Cycling and weights are still my go-to but we’ve been to the pool a few times where I was pleasantly surprised to find out I’m not that much slower. There is certainly more huffing and puffing trying to keep up with Jon on our walks and skis but I’m just happy to be out there!

What We’ve Been Up To

We got baby Scotch’s room painted and besides installing a new door handle and some blinds, it’s basically done! I was able to wash and organize all the items we’ve received from friends and now have nicely packaged storage cubes of clothes and other baby items.

While we have been mostly trying to get items as hand me downs, we did make a few new purchases. I bought a glider chair for the room and we found a good deal on a Chariot so we scooped that up.  We also added a rug to the room and I’m on the hunt for a new bassinet mattress.

We started our baby classes a few weeks ago (today will be class 3) and so far they’ve been pretty good. We’re doing a session designed for people who have a midwife so it is nice that it focuses on the experiences we’re more likely to have. I’m also starting some classes with my midwife group next month so that should be interesting.

What’s Next

I need to make a list of the essential baby items I still need to acquire but most of our organization is focused on the rest of the house right now. We’ve got a full on basement reno happening, plus a bunch of stuff around the house so almost every room is in some sort of disarray.

My goal is to just enjoy the next while before I get too large. I’d like to keep skiing, and if the snow doesn’t cooperate, hike. We’d like to go out to a movie and I’m sure there will be other items that I’ll feel the need to cram in before it gets a little bit hard to be out and about.


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