Look Back On January 2017 and My February 2017 To-Do List

Into February already! We had a bit of a return to winter to start February off – it’s cold and snowy but I’m OK with it because hopefully it means that we’ll be able to ski again soon!

Patches is finally sleeping through the night now that it is cold again!

January went super fast, it was very busy and some parts weren’t very fun. But, overall it was a pretty successful month! Here’s how I did on my goals:

Overall yearly goals:

  • Have a fitness routine: I set a routine for January and was pretty good at following (except one week with serious report card writing). I’m adjusting it for February but still having something structured was good.
  • Go outside and explore: I think that January was a pretty good month for this. We made it out skiing a few times and hiking one weekend. We skied on really chilly day at Confederation Park and braved the crowds to ski at Bragg Creek in the warm weather. The end of January was pretty warm and ski conditions got kind of crummy so last weekend we went hiking instead of skiing – Fullerton Loop on Saturday and Glenbow Ranch on Sunday. That means that half of the weekends in January we made it out for a major adventure – I’m counting that as a win!
Family outing to Fullerton Loop
  • Travel: No travel in January, but we’ve started to throw around a few ideas about some travel with baby (which I have NO idea how to do).
  • Spend (meaningful) time with my husband: Not so much – even with our outdoor adventures we didn’t get to spend much time together this month. I worked a lot, he did a lot of home repairs and we traded off dog parent duties.

And in January, I planned to:

  1. Organize the baby “stuff”: Yes! I washed a bunch of stuff that had been given to me and organized it by size into little bins. I have clothing sorted out (I think?) for 0 to 6 months, plus some older stuff that I couldn’t say no to. I also set up and sorted our toys and other items we’ve been gifted. While I’m still not exactly sure what we need for a baby, I at least have a good idea of what we have.
  2. Consistently work out at least 2X per week: Mostly. It feel off in the last week of January with report cards taking up all my evening time. My workouts were a mix of a couple of swims, some weights, a few rides on my bike, some skiing and some hiking.
  3. Clear out our food stockpile: Still a work in progress. We did eat lots of stuff out of the cupboards and freezer but still have lots to do. We managed to keep our weekly grocery purchases at less than $100/week (fresh fruit and veggies, milk, yogurt, etc) which is pretty good.
  4. Use my personal day for something fun: Didn’t fit this one in yet.

Looking forward to February, I’d like to:

  1. Stay active: I’m feeling a little large for my bike these days (plus none of my  bike shorts fit) and the pool schedule isn’t going to line up with my bed time so instead of looking for a traditional workout twice a week, I’m going to aim to be active. This means two dog walks a day with Patches, hitting 15 000 steps a day, and doing something bigger on the weekends.
  2. Help Jon complete some home repairs: There is lots I can’t do (think being up on ladders, heavy lifting) but I can still help with the small stuff. I’ll also provide a “support role” by taking on the rest of the house chores so that he’s got his evenings free to work.
  3. Plan a mini-vacation: I’d like to go away for a weekend before baby gets here so I’d better get on that.

February is a short month, and home repairs are a big part of our to-do right now so I think that’s going to keep us busy!


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