Take a Deep Breath – Basement Renos

It might come as a surprise but for people who do 99% of their own home repairs, I really dislike the process. And right now we’re in the middle of what seems like a major home reno but is probably very minor in the grand scheme of things. And I’m hating it. Oh, I know I’ll be very happy when it’s done but right now I’m dreading another trip to Home Depot or Rona and I’m sick of picking out fixtures and floors and ugh, I still need to choose paint colours. Combine that with my pregnant lady hormones and I need to constantly remind myself that all of the home repair mess is just temporary and will turn out wonderful and we will get through it.

Luckily for me, I have an amazing spouse who not only does the majority of our home repairs but also is very patient at dealing with a wife who gets cranky as soon as we start a project.

We (and I use that term loosely, these days I’m more of a support role than an active participant in the labour side of home repairs) have gutted the basement room including the bathroom and a few closets to create a larger space with a slightly more modern bathroom. With Baby Scotch on the way in somewhere around two months (!!) we decided that it was time to get the basement guest room and bathroom into a space where we could actually put guests.

Just after Christmas break the space looked like this:

New windows but still ugly carpet
Two closets – actually, as we found out when we took them apart, two mouldy closets
And our beautiful purple bathroom

And now at the beginning of February looks more like this:

Carpet gone, windows cut, closets out and on our way
A few extra feet of space
Goodbye purple fixtures!

While the majority of the work is in the basement, it affects the rest of the house (and my ability to maintain any sort of normality even in rooms that have nothing to do with it). Currently, things look a lot like this in the rest of the basement:

What comes out must go somewhere
And we’re using the game room to store everything that used to be in the guest room

and upstairs:

reports cards + home repairs = not a lot of time for dishes
Since the basement is full we have taken to storing extra items in the office too.
And we’re storing flooring, the new toilet, faucets and light fixtures in the living room

and even outside:

The purple toilet will some day really leave our house

Luckily (for my sanity) Jon has all the demo done and we’ve picked out everything that we need to put it all back (except paint). Not saying that we’re into the easy stuff, but we’re definitely moving into the putting stuff back in phase.


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