32 Weeks

While I’m still 8 weeks away from my official due date, I feel like I’m entering that stage where I have NO idea when I’ll actually have this baby. I have my fingers crossed he holds out to the 40 week mark but you never know.

How I’m Feeling

Large! Baby Scotch has been doing lots of growing (apparently right on track) so the belly is getting quite big. Bending over is now really only something I do when I can’t find another option and rolling over in bed at night requires me to wake up, take the covers off and roll. Luckily it is still just the belly that is really large – I’ve been happy that my weight gain has stayed  within the recommended range.

Also tired. I wake up several times a night, sometimes to pee, to eat or because I’m SO thirsty. Patches hasn’t been helping since he’s back to waking up to go out in the night (the warm weather has revealed lots of tasty items to eat in the parks and then he just feels sick).

Cravings seem to have disappeared but I’ve been super thirsty. And I’ve also apparently been having Braxton-Hicks contractions without knowing it. Mine are pain free and I only know what to look for now that my mid-wife pointed one out to me during my last belly check.

What Baby is Up To

He flipped to be head down! Around week 30 I went in to the chiropractor and his head was snuggled in right where it should be. I’m paranoid he’s going to flip back but so far he’s seems pretty settled into this ideal position.

Obviously still moving around, although it must be getting cramped in there. Since I don’t have any more ultrasounds scheduled, I just assume that he is in there meeting all the growth milestones he’s supposed to.

What I’m Wearing

Starting to be too large for lots of stuff now. I’m concerned that my bathrobe is going to stop fitting before I reach the end of this. Lots of loose dresses and leggings (the full panel maternity leggings from The Gap are my absolute favourites) when I’m at work and leggings and a giant sweater when I’m at home.

I’m still finding athletic apparel to be a challenge. I’m just about out of options for skiing jackets and had to go buy a pair of light snow pant type things ($7, thrift store, men’s section) to wear.


Staying pretty active with lots of walking. I’ve decided its too uncomfortable on my bike right now (plus the basement renos have taken over our workout area) so I haven’t been working out and I’m OK with that. Last weekend we managed to fit in two ski days at Confederation Park (only about 5 km each time but still enough) and we hiked Fullerton Loop a few weekends ago so I’m not totally out of shape.

What We’ve Been Up To

Home repairs. We finished off the electrical last weekend and yesterday we got most of the drywall up in the basement. Lots to get done!

Buying baby stuff! Well, thankfully not too much. Our big purchase was a baby monitor and some vitamins (for me). We also picked up our free baby box which had a few items in it (diapers, wipes, etc). I’ve made my “still need to buy list” and it isn’t as long as I thought it might be.

Our pre-natal class finished the other week but I’m still attending my centering classes with my mid-wife group. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy either set of classes but so far both have been really good. While I’m still not ready for baby to arrive, I’m starting to feel a lot better about it.

What’s Next

Besides finishing the home renos, I’d like to finish my baby purchases. Jon ordered some wall decals for the baby room and I’d like to get those up. I’ve also got plans to put together a “birth bag” and some post-birth supplies so that will be one less thing to worry about closer to the date.


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