Snowshoeing Near Upper Kananaskis Lakes

We do not snowshoe very often, in fact its has been over 8 years since we last got out on a pair, but when our friends invited us out for a snowshoe over the long weekend we figured why not? The snow is pretty much gone here in the city so I wasn’t even sure we’d need the rental snowshoes I picked up on Friday but we packed them and warm clothes and headed out of the city on Saturday morning towards Kananaskis.

The avalanche danger was fairly high over the weekend but I felt pretty comfortable that our experienced friends weren’t going to lead us and their small children into anything risky. We ended up parking at the Upper Kananaskis Lakes Day Use site where we put on our snowshoes and headed counter-clockwise along the lakeside trail. We only went a few hundred meters before turning up into the treed slope.

While the trail around the lake was packed down, there was enough snow in the bush that snowshoes were definitely required. For a while I was able to walk without breaking through but as we climbed higher and the snow softened up I found myself sometimes standing in waist deep snow trying to climb a hill. It was not easy going but it was nice to still tackle something challenging at 32 weeks pregnant. I was a little jealous of the kids who floated on top of the snow the whole time and couldn’t understand why the adults were struggling up the hill.

While we basically just slogged up a steep treed hill on snowshoes, it was the most fun I’ve had snowshoeing (and perhaps on any winter activity this year). The views aren’t bad for something that never becomes exposed and gave me an excuse for frequent breaks as we worked our way uphill.

Even more fun than the way up was the slippery descent. Everyone slid and sometimes face planted their way down the trail. I was pretty cautious, sitting down on my snowshoes to slide the steepest parts, but the kids (and some adults) ran their way down the hill. Given the number of spills we were all soaked to the bone (and pretty tired) by the time we made it back to the trail and to our car.

I have no idea how far we went but we were out there for several hours and that was enough to wear me out! I’m not sure what our snowshoe adventures are going to look like in the future but we’ll definitely try and get out again (even if it is for something a little tamer).


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